May 23, 2022

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Jamel Belmadi, the “happy minister” who wants to keep Algeria – TSA

Jamel Belmadi, the "happy minister" who wants to keep Algeria - TSA

When, in August 2018, Djamel Belmadi Elected national coach, many were delighted. Not only because the Franco-Algerian has proven himself in many clubs and in the Qatar selection, but also because of the difficult situation in which the national team found itself and its disappointing results under the leadership of coaches Raba Madzer and others before him. .

Almost three years later, Belmadi gave to the Algerians They are more than happy. Under his leadership, the team continues to surpass all expectations, collecting and collecting performances and records.

Algerians are in a hurry to find the right qualifier for the man: Minister of Happiness. The formula is great. Football is working and it is enough if the Algerians are brave and smile in difficult situations on all fronts. Jamel has a lot to do with Belmady and he deserves something new. ” Status Fellow His fellow citizens agreed to grant him.

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A dying group a Conquering team It dominates Africa from head to toe. In July 2019, less than a year after his arrival, he led the national team to the final coronation in the African Cup of Nations on Egyptian soil.

The Algerian continent climbed to the roof only for the second time in its history. It’s not as impressive as the unbelievable prognosis Djamel Belmadi Before the start of the tournament, he announced that his team would go to Egypt seeking the CAN Trophy.

Many tickled him, while others directly called him behavioral. When the final referee whispered the Greens victory over Senegal (1-0), a myth was born.

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The whole world was impressed with this feat and the Algerians were even more impressed with Belmadi’s strong personality. And that’s a long time to start. ” Happiness “. To date, the Algerian team has recorded 27 matches without tasting defeat, breaking the African record in the region. She has a unique taste for her latest performance: victory over Tunisia at home (2-0).

« Many countries make us jealous »

In addition to the results, Belmadi was also able to impress with his openness and his strong personality. A media beast does not hesitate to speak a part of his mind, even when it hurts. Everyone gave their firm answer to the Egyptian journalist that the Cairo people supported the Algerians against Senegal. ” This is not what I saw, I want to see the optician .

His rare opponents often recall that he once threw a national team jersey to the ground in protest of being in his place while playing for the Greens. It is a reflection of the man who has already become an icon among Algerians. Anger to win is one of his character traits.

Born and raised in France, Belmadi has always been close Algeria and Algerians. History will remember what he did in the spring of 2019, taking a clear stance in favor of the popular Hirak.

He also does not hesitate to comment on a number of political issues, such as corruption in Algerian football, racism, which Algerian footballers are sometimes victims of abroad, the reluctance of binaries to play for Algeria, and mediation of issues in Africa. Say Algeria is targeted, FIFA rankings … In short, Belmadi does not only deal with football, He also participates in politics.

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Never before has a coach been so popular with Algerians. Politicians have realized this and have taken every precaution not to risk losing the last election of the Federation. “ Minister of Happiness “From Algeria.

Jamel Belmadi has been personally adopted by the President of the Republic and many give the coach a decisive role in electing the new President of the Federation. This he always denied. But he repeatedly abused those who tried to use his image and name to gain the presidency of the federation.

Jamel Belmadi however sins at press conferences with his sometimes brutal conversational style. A journalist crosses the ribbon placed as a preventive measure against Kovid and the coach does not hesitate to interrupt his press conference without apologizing.

Phone rings and journalists are treated to endless lessons. Despite good results and his immense popularity, relations between Belmadi and some journalists began to strain, some of whom did not hesitate to publicly describe his communication style and his role in electing the new president of the federation. . But people don’t care. He cares for himself more than ever. ” Minister of Happiness . « Many countries make us jealous . The Sentence President of the Republic, Abdel Madzid Tebboun.