May 27, 2022

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Mark Bergwin makes an appeal

Mark Bergwin makes an appeal

Posted today at 3:04 pm

Updated at 3:04 this afternoon.

It has to be reversed to. It has been 15 months since the Canadian players played in front of a full house and the Golden Knights players were able to control the power of their fans from the start. The second period.

Eighteen thousand spectators at the Bell Center make more than 2,500 noises. If what we hear between the branches is confirmed, it will be surprising that the number of spectators in Montreal for Series 3 and 4 games will increase significantly. Growth is possible, but to what extent?

Mark Bergwin played for twenty years in the NHL before packed halls and less complete bleachers. I asked the Canadians’ general manager if he would like to see a larger audience at the Bell Center. I invited him to make an impact on his team that wants to take advantage of the same competition.

“There was a full house in the T-Mobile Arena last night,” Mark Bergewin said. This type of audience always has an impact on home players. I believe we can increase the number of spectators at the Bell Center to really experience the impact of the 7th player in Montreal. ”

Touching on the ice

Canadian players do not need to intimidate the audience in the T-Mobile Arena, but the spectator power is clearly aimed at the Golden Knights. I asked Dominic Dacharm if he felt the local team had an advantage.

“The audience gave the Golden Knights wings, especially the second one,” the Canadians head coach said. When we return to Montreal, we hope to have a good group to support us and empower us. ”

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Among the players, we dream of seeing the Bell Center with good storage on Friday.

“The atmosphere and energy are the best in the playoffs,” said Eric Stall. We experienced a complete amphitheater for the first time in a long time yesterday and it was extraordinary. The home team also has a notable advantage at the Bell Center. I often experienced that as an opposing player. A complete amphitheater is a big advantage for the home team. We also want to play in front of a packed amphitheater because the energy it gives us is important to us. We made a lot of progress with the vaccines and the more spectators were on the stands, the better. This is the moment we can give. “

Clearly, the final decision does not belong to the Canadians, but to the Quebec government. With the number of positive cases declining on a daily basis right now, I repeat: it would be nice if it could return to normal or happen faster than some people want.