January 27, 2023

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NFL: Duvernay-Tordiff return with chiefs

NFL: Duvernay-Tordiff return with chiefs

For the first time since winning the Super Bowl 54, Laurent Duvernay-Tordiff joined his chiefs teammates at a training ground in Kansas City wearing his helmet. For those who still doubt he will return to the game after a season away from action, the guard is adamant. “Football is in my DNA. Of course I was bored, ”he said.

Duvernay-Tordiff Chiefs answered reporters’ questions for the first time in a year and said he was satisfied with the first day of training with his team.

“Gyms in Montreal have been closed for a year. I was still able to stay in shape, but to be in football shape, there was no such thing as playing football. I’m here and my first day went well. I’m already looking forward to the next training sessions, ”he said, still all smiling.

The Montreal sent shockwaves last July, becoming the first NFL player to choose the escape rule, which allowed him to leave the 2020 season. Participates in a CHSLD.

“The year was difficult for everyone. I helped as much as I could where I needed to. It was very difficult. We lost a lot of patients and long-term care facilities were severely damaged. Connected me because I could see the Chiefs on Sunday. I enjoyed watching them and being intimate with them. I regret my decision because I was in the right place at the right time to use my medical knowledge, ”recalls a man who began distance learning in public health at the prestigious Harvard University.

New group

In addition to the return to Duvernay-Tordiff action, the face of the Chiefs ’offensive line is completely different this fall. In recent months, the team has released another veteran, Kyle Long, from retirement, and hired star guard Joe Tuni as a free agent.

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She headed back to the Austin Blight Center, creating another one at Creed Humphrey. Finally, she traded with the Ravens to settle Orlando Brown.

Big changes are to be expected after the Super Bowl performance of reservations against injuries and bookmakers who injured the team’s veterans last year.

“It’s a new group, but I’m amazed how much the boys welcomed me. I think it’s a good group. I know Andrew (Wiley) and Nick (Allegretti), but everyone else is new. They all feel great.

“It’s very hard to watch the Super Bowl because I know the guys in that locker room and I know how hard it is for them to get there. You want to see your teammates win. It’s important that injuries happen and have depth. There will be depth and I am very happy to cooperate, ”Duwerne-Tordiff commented, adding that he hopes to regain his guard position on his right.

For vaccination

Asked if he would try to persuade as many teammates as possible to vaccinate in order to adhere to the NFL goals, which are aimed at vaccinating 85% of players, Duvernay-Tordiff was cautious.

“However, from my medical background, I think vaccination is a great thing. We get it through this pandemic. At the same time, I think it remains a personal choice. We should not judge people. Conversation is important. There is the best protocol in the NFL with tests and masks. Whether or not players decide to be vaccinated, they are protected and this is a very important thing at the end of the day. ”

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