October 3, 2023

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Sagune Lock-Saint-Jean will enter the Green Zone on Monday

Sagune Lock-Saint-Jean will enter the Green Zone on Monday

The significant drop in the number of COVID-19 cases persuaded the Regional Directorate of Public Health on Monday to turn Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean into a green zone.

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No new case has been identified in the territory for the past three days.

“It came to us very fast and it’s a good sign. In society, it means the virus is not spreading much. We still have a lot to spread, but we know we can control them. It’s also encouraging because our vaccination rate is so high,” TVA Knowles said in an interview with Donald Abin. Regional Director of Public Health explained.

10 or three family bubbles from different addresses are allowed on Mondays to meet at home and on private land.

Owners of three residences can share a meal at the same table in a restaurant for a maximum of 10 people. The number of people authorized to attend a wedding or funeral will increase to 50. Places of worship 250 faithful welcome.

“If we put the actions very strictly and it goes well, with the level of knowledge about the COVID that people now have, they will adjust their own behavior to fewer actions. I would like to give ourselves some air when it is possible to do this. This is something we all need,” Dr. Abin said.

Only the number of those admitted to the hospital was high. There are currently 26 active cases in the area.