June 30, 2022

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Second dose: estrogen vaccines require more equity | COVID-19 | News | The sun

Second dose: estrogen vaccines require more equity |  COVID-19 |  News |  The sun

TheOn social networks, many people say that the estrogen generic vaccine has left them for a few days. Respectively, on Monday morning, a Twitter subscriber expressed his frustration that, like almost 500,000 other Cubans, he had “acted like a guinea pig by agreeing to take the 1st dose of Astrogenica”.

“Not only is there a higher risk for this vaccine, but 500K guinea pigs will not be able to carry out their appointments. They cannot choose the mRNA vaccine unless they wait another 8 weeks. Participation in the Hunger Games is the only alternative to last-minute announced walk-in clinics.

“I took the test this morning. I went to the Galleries de la Capitol at 8:03 this morning (the clinic opened at 8 in the morning) and took all the doses and was told I had arrived at 5 in the morning! Sorry, but I’m sleeping in the shopping mall parking lot, hoping my 2 might beE Dosage. We must do well, “cdube_sante”, testified Claude Boucher.

As a reminder, currently, people who have received the first dose of estrogen and those who want to change the vaccine to their second dose should wait until their initial appointment and request a change of vaccine on the spot. If they want to advance their appointment by keeping the same vaccine, they have to wait until the time slots are available online, or go to the walk-in vaccination center (and hope the dose remains).

Among those 65 and older, Montreal Nicole Laniel, who received the first dose of estrogen, wants to get the mRNA vaccine as the second dose. Since her appointment on the ClickSante platform cannot be underestimated when choosing another vaccine, she must wait for the appointment date set for her second dose and request a change of dose on the site. Vaccine, takes her to July 6th.

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“At CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, the woman tried to bring my appointment forward, it was July 3 … I told her to let it go, it was there. Otherwise, I went to the vaccinated walk-in center‌ He told me to ask Pfizer, but the center is not near where I live, I do not want to go there, I have a mobility problem and I have to wait while taking a risk around ”To me Lionel.

“The thing that annoys me is that 65 people and more who were vaccinated in March, really did not have the choice to take estrogen. They told us a lot, it’s very important for us to be vaccinated. And there, it’s hard to have our second dose. I do not understand the logic.” That drops to the age of sixty.

Julie Vince, a resident of Sagune-Lock-Saint-Gene, called for “more equity” for those vaccinated with astrogen.

“Considers that the National Consultative Committee of Canada and the Committee on the Immunization of Quebec are empowered [que les vaccinés AstraZeneca reçoivent un vaccin à ARNm comme deuxième dose], As a vaccine that received the first dose of estrogen, I feel it is unfair that we do not have access to our second dose at the same time as others. It makes two classes in the population, ”she laments.

According to OmTo me Come on, “This is not just a question of personal protection, it’s a question of collective protection.” “The government tells us on the one hand: take your second dose as soon as possible, because of variations. But, on the other hand, they have to wait 15, 16 weeks for the estrogen vaccine” if they want to get an mRNA vaccine as a second dose, “she said.

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In Ontario, Julie Vientes points out, the interval between two doses of the estrogen gene vaccine is reduced from 12 to eight weeks, but individuals who receive this vaccine as their first dose may also choose an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna). The second outpost is like a dose.

The same goes for Manitoba, where individuals receiving the first dose of the estrogen gene vaccine can receive any mRNA vaccine as a second dose, as long as they have regional eligibility criteria for the second dose.

The province said the decision was made after a Spanish study showed that “people who received the second dose of mRNA vaccine after estrogenica had a better immune response.”

“We have seen that switching between doses for all other vaccines always gives better efficacy, which means we recommend that your second dose be with the messenger RNA vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna,” D explained at a news conference on May 31.Back Chief Medical Officer of Health and Seniors and Manitoba Immunization Campaign Working Group Head Joss Reimer.

Although most experts and governments are in favor of this interaction between vaccines, Quebec still recommends keeping the same vaccine in two doses, although it is not opposed to it.

On Twitter, on Friday, Health Minister Christian Dubey said Quebec had estimated 600,000 doses of the modern vaccine this week, and 900,000 doses for the week of June 21. “These deliveries allow people with Modernna to move their meeting forward and change those with AZ if they wish. Details will continue: early next week,” he wrote, raising a bunch of unanswered questions.

In the email sent Soleil On the same day, the Ministry of Health confirmed, “The large dosage of the modern vaccine and Pfizer will allow Quebec 2 to modify its strategies to manage it.E Dose, and especially for people who have received the first dose of the estrogen vaccine ”.

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Spokeswoman Mary-Helen O’Malley also stated that “at present, there is no option to modify the vaccine for ClickShante Platform 2 for vaccination by appointment”E Dosage ”, and therefore“ It is not possible to advance your appointment if you want to get a different vaccine as a second dose ”.

“However, work is underway to correct this situation for the estrogen vaccine, for those who choose not to take the second dose of AZ for sure,” said M.To me Omond.

Interchange Pfizer and Moderna?

Although interchangeability of COVID-19 vaccines is possible, for example, between Pfizer and Modernna vaccines, both rely on technology similar to MRNA, encoding the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, currently available on second-line vaccines based on available data on interchangeability It is recommended that the vaccine be used, ”said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

“However, it is better to give a different mRNA vaccine for the 2nd dose only at the end of the 16 week period than to delay the duration of the 2nd dose. That is why the population is asked to wait for 16 weeks before changing the vaccine. The opinion of CIQ recommends the same, i.e. use the same vaccine in a second dose. If the same vaccine is not available, we can exchange the vaccine for each other, ”explained Mary-Helen Ommond. With Emily Pelletier