July 5, 2022

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Club Illico: Melissa Desormax-Pauline solves the mystery of “Lock-Noir”

Club Illico: Melissa Desormax-Pauline solves the mystery of "Lock-Noir"

Melissa Desormax-Pauline slips into the skin of police officer Valerie Roberz in the middle of the “Lock-Noir” conspiracy, new suspense series Illico Club 2022 will be found in the winter. Stephen Demers, Anthony Therian and Normand de Amore answer this question.

Filming from the beginning of the week on the south coast of Laurentians and Montreal, “Lock-Noir” and its storyline unfold in a small fictional municipality of the same name, isolated in the jungle of Laurentians.

Sent there to lend money to local police chief Adrian (Stephen Demers), after the unexplained disappearance of her partner, Valerie is surrounded by her teenage son Dave (Anthony Therian).

“We enter the village with my character, a policewoman who is transferred to” Lock-Noir “as she wishes, because her life is so rock n ‘roll. She’s depressed and she’s coming out of sick leave. With her survivors! With her and her son, we’re going to find this beautiful, but mysterious, small village, ”said Melissa Desormax-Pauline.

Hidden agenda

Valerie sees that everything is not right in Lock-Noir. New disappearances occur. Heaps of suspects. Butcher Eddie (Normand de Amore), Manipulative Mayor Conrad (Andreas Apergis), Matthew Monk and his wife Sora (Victor Andres Trelles Tarzan and Jade-and-Rabitail) and the disturbing Provost brothers (Alexander Costonge and Alexa)? A dirty and threatening aura is hanging over society, which may not be ready to move forward …

“It will keep us going to the end,” the actress adds. All characters have hidden agendas. The village is very tightly knit. ”

Node to gabby

The idea for the “Lock-Noir” story germinated in director Frederick de Amors’ head almost 15 years ago when he was directing Melissa Desormax-Pauline on the hit film set. “On your marks … party!”. “The film that changed our lives”, does not hesitate to take Melissa forward.

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The filmmaker then told the actress of his fantasy of creating a fantasy bathed in mystery and horror, with dark forms. Finally at the end of 2020, in the midst of a serious epidemic, Frederick de Amors got permission to run his project. On the eve of Christmas, he phoned Melissa to find out if he was still interested in following him about his great adventure.

The main character of “Lock-Noir”, Valerie Roberz, embodies Melissa in Gabby Roberz in “On Your Marks …”, but there the references stop.

In addition to directing eight episodes, D’Amors collaborated on the script with Martin Girard and Charles Dionne.

“Already, I’m jumping into the project with my eyes closed, I have full confidence in Fred, and I’m had a great friendship with him. This is a dream come true! ”Melissa exclaims Desormax-Pauline.

Stunning makeup

Illico Club “Lock-Noir” is defined as a “genre” series because its tone meets mystery, fear and mistrust in an “extraordinary and hostile” environment. “The mysteries of families, the monsters that live within us, the obsessive pursuit of evil and power that we carry within us take on an unhealthy proportion,” explains producer Pickscom and Cubecore content, which promises to be a combination of action, love and suspense that transcends the boundaries of “lock-noir” .

The special effects of some of the performers also reflect the slightly twisted spirit of “Lock-Noir”. He has worked on mega productions such as “X-Men”, “A Night at the Museum: The Bottle of Smithsonia” and “Burnie’s World”, the works of Hollywood-based Quebec artist Adrian Morot. .

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The cast of “Lock-Noir” includes Louis Cardinal, Larry Bobbin, Pierre-Alexis Saint-Georges, Louis-Philippe Dandonald, Mark Fournier, Mary-Evelyn Lessard, Isabelle Miquelon, Isabelle Nelisse and many more.