May 27, 2022

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Flight Sim is coming to Xbox One via Cloud Gaming, Redfall and more!

During its Xbox & Bethesda Games showcase, Microsoft unveiled some of the brand’s most ntic catch titles. Forza Horizon 5, Stalker 2 or Flight Simulator Xbox Series X | Unveiled the potential of S. However, the question of their availability and rendering on the Xbox One has moved millions of gamers. Can games be run on a machine older than 6 years? The answer is not clear, but Microsoft has come up with a home-made solution to provide the next generation of experience for all players: cloud gaming.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Sur Xbox One Growth Cloud Gaming

For several months now, Phil Spencer has not stopped talking about the arrival of cloud gaming in the new media. With the recent mention of televisions, man has never hidden his desire to bring the cloud experience to home consoles. With the integration of the Xbox Series X into servers dedicated to cloud gaming, the next generation can now also be experienced through cloud gaming.

In a previous post‌ Wire, Xbox thus provokes a special case of flight simulator. Excellent aerial flight simulation this summer Xbox Series X | The rendering in S looks absolutely stunning. Xbox One has inaccessible performance, so the game cannot be run locally. With Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can easily play Asobo Baby on your Xbox One, One S and One X.

Xbox Series X for some of next year’s titles developed by our studios or partners such as Starfield, Redfall and STALKER 2 | S requires speed, power and technology. We are excited that the developers have brought their vision to life with our next generation of machines. For the millions of gamers who play on the Xbox One today, We can not wait to tell you more about porting this next generation games like Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox Cloud Gaming., Which is comparable to what we currently do on mobile, tablet and browser.


Beyond the flight sim case, Microsoft says it is already in the process of porting several titles to cloud gaming. Therefore games like Starfield or Redfall are available on the Xbox One with graphic quality similar to the Xbox Series X. Here, it is in the interest of avoiding the console’s investment and recruiting more subscribers to the service. Is the core of the company.

Later, it will also be available on Xbox Cloud Gaming Television, but the offer is currently in beta on Mobile. This allows all players to access Next-Gen Wonders without having to go through the purchase box.

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