December 8, 2022

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G7: “Dean” Justin is far from impressive

G7: "Dean" Justin is far from impressive

Coming out of the G7 summit, Justin Trudeau introduced himself as the new dean of the team. With the announced and imminent departure of German Angela Merkel, it is true to say that Justin Trudeau will be the most senior leader of the seven.

This is where the concept of dean ends, which is a mathematical calculation of the number of years. We return to the other attributes that come with this title, namely wisdom, clairvoyance and influence. In the international scene, Justin Trudeau did not impress me.


We hope he and his entourage surround the G7’s Dean title with the brilliance of maturity. They are wrong. It does not stick. The Prime Minister of Canada does not impose anything on his words or attitude. Nothing said he had little influence over other leaders. We like him, we look at him and laugh, nothing more.

Personally, I constantly feel that he will play a role when he finds himself on the international stage. He wonders what he is projecting as a film rather than 100% on the show.

Right or wrong, I have the impression that he is practicing his gestures, facial expressions and sentences. As in the theater. As if he was playing a great role in his life: the role of the Prime Minister of Canada.

When he left the country six years ago, he played the role of a rock or fashion star. World star, posing with enthusiastic crowds Selfies With young people. He repeated the proper clich సూs on fashionable things to be the political arm of the planetary jet-set. With socks from Star Wars !

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This phase is over as some environmental or aboriginal affairs files have lost their star. He now plays another card … and another character. You looked at him seriously at the G7, as a brilliant veteran, focused on his business. Sometimes with serious eyebrows to show his seriousness, sometimes leaning back in his chair to show confidence, he always appears in representation to me.

The real impact?

At this G7 summit, he went a long way in demonstrating the scope of his influence as the “Dean of Manufacturing”. While presiding over the conference on China’s irritating issue, he failed to bring a strong statement between the United States and Europe. At best, the G7 countries have promised to coordinate their interventions in the future.

He served as mediator in the post-Brexit dispute between the UK and Europe over Northern Ireland. If I understand correctly, his offer will be followed by silence and looking towards the sky. When we hear the sound of Cornish locusts.

Is Canada lucky to be represented by the Dean? There is still evidence.