July 7, 2022

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Invictus Gaming enters the APAC League

Invictus Gaming enters the APAC League

Within twenty-four hours of the Stage 2 kickoff of the 2021 Asia-Pacific League South Division, Invictus Gaming announced that it had entered the Rainbow Six: Siege scene through the appointment of former Giants Gaming.

Shortly after the Sixth Invitational ended, we learned that the Speak Easy-led Singapore team, which had led the Asia-Pacific region, had been eliminated by Spanish team Giants Gaming following their recent disappointing results and their disappointment in the South Division. APAC League.

The team is preparing to re-start the competition path with Stage 2 of the APAC Championship, and has since unveiled the colors they represent. With immediate effect, Singaporeans joined the ranks of the legendary Chinese club Invictus Gaming, which played in the highest echelons of the International League of Legends. Glenn “Lunarmetal” Suryaputra, Jeremy “Hysterics” Mao Juan Tan, Jordan “Jordan” Cheng Jia Heng, Mohammed “Speak Easy” Morning Mohammed Yunos and finally Jose “Joe” Iman, will replace the Viceroy within the mass 20 Iz Continuation of the season.

If the team leaves the back door at Six Invitational, the first international tournament held since February 2020, it is one of the best people in Asia-Pacific and most importantly has won all the titles. Last year. The goal of Lunormetal and its partners is therefore clear; Redeem themselves after their last disaster outing and prove what they need in the Northern Division. They will make their first appearance in their new colors this Thursday morning with wildcard gaming for their first Stage 2 match.


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