July 5, 2022

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Kovid-19: Moscow has ordered mandatory vaccinations in the wake of the “dramatic” situation

Kovid-19: Moscow has ordered mandatory vaccinations in the wake of the "dramatic" situation

Moscow, Russia | Faced with a “dramatic” situation, Moscow and its entire region were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the service sector on Tuesday, the first in Russia in the wake of the immunization campaign, slipping and no detention.

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This decision is the most important in the world in terms of relevant population size.

“We need to do everything we can to vaccinate the masses as soon as possible and stop this terrible disease,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on his site.

City health officials “received an order today to make vaccinations mandatory for workers in the service sector,” he said.

Immediately, the Moscow region determined the same measure.

Transport, shops, restaurants, cultural sites, beauty salons, health and education, banks, etc. were ordered to be vaccinated.

Officials did not say how many of the 20 million residents of Moscow and its territory were.

Moscow health officials have backed the move, saying more than 70% of pollution in the last ten days is related to the working population. Mr Sobianin has already been declared inactive for the week of June 15.

According to the decree, 60% of employees in the tertiary sector received two doses of the vaccine by August 15.

Currently, 12,000 people have been hospitalized in Moscow due to the new coronavirus, and by the end of 2020 the disease is at its peak, the mayor said, referring to the second deadly wave in Russia.

“Many of these people would have become ill if Kovid had been vaccinated,” he said.

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Vaccine rejection

The onus is on President Vladimir Putin to come up with a solution.

“We should not talk about the mandatory vaccine, it is not reasonable,” he declared in late May, repeatedly calling on Russians to be vaccinated with Sputnik-V, one of the serums developed by Russia.

When asked on Wednesday, his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said there were no national responsibilities. The day before, however, he pointed out that the efficiency was with the regional authorities.

The mayor of Moscow, frustrated for weeks by the rejection of his constituency vaccine, ruled that “those who go to public places and consult (with other people) are colleagues in the process, epidemiological”.

For almost a year now, the state government and the public media have been highlighting the good management of the health crisis and the prowess of the Sputnik V, which was developed by Russia and has been available for more than six months.

According to a poll conducted by the Independent Levada Institute in April, 60% of Russians have been scientifically certified for the vaccine, but have struggled with decades of Soviet and later Russian propaganda and budget cuts in the health sector.

Of Moscow’s 12 or 13 million residents, only 1.8 million are vaccinated.

The country said on Wednesday that there were 13,397 new cases and 396 deaths in the last 24 hours. 5,782 and 75, respectively, were recorded in Moscow.

Russia is one of the worst-hit states. According to statistics firm Rosstat, more than 270,000 deaths were associated with him by the end of April, more than double the 127,576 deaths the government identified in its daily accounts.

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After tightly controlling the spring of 2020, Russia implemented only a very limited number of anti-Kovid restrictions in the second deadly wave at the end of the year to protect its economy.

And most of these measures were lifted in early 2021, so Russians are living normal lives for more than six months. Although wearing the mask is uncertain, it is enforceable.

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