May 21, 2022

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Landslides: Trump chairman’s last days | Michael Wolf is about to release his third book on Donald Trump

Landslides: Trump chairman's last days |  Michael Wolf is about to release his third book on Donald Trump

(New York), author Fire and Fury (Fire and Fury: Trump in the White House), The success of the 2018 bookstore that helped launch a wave of internal testimonials about Donald Trump’s time in the White House, even more to say next month.

Hillel Italy
Associated Press

The book Landslides: The last days of the Trump chairman Michael Wolf will be released on July 27, publisher Henry Holt told the Associated Press on Thursday. Condemned Mr. Trump Fire and Fury And those who talked to Mr. Wolf about his new book tried to stop publication, the publisher said.

“In Landslide, Ending Mr. Wolf’s story of Mr. Trump’s four years in office and his last tumultuous months at the head of state, “the publisher declared,” while increasing his extraordinary access to House Assistants-Blanche and the former president, information on what really happened in the country and in the highest office in the world and fresh ideas. ”

Mr. Trump, published in January 2018 and immediately created a buzz on the first book of Mr. Wolf and sold over 2 million copies.

Donald Trump has denied allegations made by Michael Wolf that he was given access to the White House and wrote on Twitter in 2018 Fire and Fury “Lies, false advertising, and is filled with roots that does not exist.” Mr. Trump’s lawyer sent to the publisher, retirement and retirement orders and threatened to sue for slander, helped to build interest in the response to the book. Mr. Wolf has low sales and low access to his 2019 book Infestation: Trump Under Fire (Siege State: Only Trump against everyone).

Trump in the last days of the administration are in the process of other books, which were penned by Bob Woodward and his colleague Washington Post, Robert Costa. Political And Vanity Fair Donald Trump was among those who reported agreeing to meet with Mr. Wolf and others who write about him, including Maggie Huberman. New York Times And Joan Carl of ABC News.

Mr. Trump’s own memories are uncertain. He released a statement last week saying he was “writing like crazy” and said he had turned down two offers, which the publishers greeted with skepticism.

Supporters of the former president of the United States Capitol on January 6 invasion before and after editing, the authorities have expressed doubt about Mr. Trump became even more suspicious. Simon & Schuster CEO Jonathan Corp told employees at a meeting last month that he was not interested in a book written by Mr. Trump because he doubted the former president, who falsely claimed he had won the last election, would give an honest account.

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