December 1, 2023

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Sentenced to five months in prison for gooing on his friends

Sentenced to five months in prison for gooing on his friends

Remoscois Vincent-Bernard Koucher was sentenced to five months in prison for installing a camera to spy on his residents and entering the residence illegally.

The 41-year-old carpenter said his victims were friends so they knew it, which made the situation worse, Judge Loos Kennedy said.

He and his wife trusted the residents and occasionally went there to water the plants; So he has very easy access to the keys to the house.

In the fall of 2019, Couture entered the residence and hid the camera in a smoke detector so he could spy and see those in their privacy.

A few days later, he returned to the scene to download the videos and move the camera to the master bedroom.

The couple’s daughter, who noticed something unusual in the smoke detector, uncovered the hidden camera.

A police investigation has revealed that a 41-year-old man kept traces of his crime on his computer. Not only did he do research on the internet to learn how to carry out his plan, but the police got their hands on several videos of the victims.

Vincent-Bernard Couture pleaded guilty to virulence and broke and entered.

The defense wanted a more lenient sentence, but Judge Kennedy took into account aggravating factors such as planning and prejudice, breach of trust in sentencing. The Crown was sentenced to six months in prison.

Crown Attorney Isabelle Gavioli was satisfied with the sentence imposed on Vincent-Bernard Couture and was of the opinion that this type of crime was unfortunately more likely to happen due to new technology.

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“It’s relatively new, it’s a crime that happens often, but the problem is that they are hard to find and it’s not easy to punish,” your Gavioli explained.

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