May 25, 2022

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Sweet Tooth | The most bizarrely touching series!

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There, you will surely take a look at the photo of the half-human, half-deer calf along this column and you roll your eyes: Also, another bizarre series with flying creatures in the post-apocalyptic world, that’s good. Is it Thank you, but no, thank you.

Before you pick up the hook and go to Sudoku, give me a chance to convince you to watch the TV series Sweet tooth Available in French and English, from Netflix. Yes, I give you, it’s weird and complicated. Yes, this is a crazy concept The Walking Dead, D ‘Infection, From Mad Max, From JoJo Rabbit, From Bambi And film Quiet place.

Yes, it looks stagnant like extra pineapple Hawaiian pizza. All this, Sweet tooth. And at first glance, it really does not want you to swallow two evenings. But it is very good. Really. I reluctantly slipped through eight hours of episodes to finally fall in love with this super original story that was full of humanity and hard to compile in a few sentences.

In general, Sweet tooth, Taken from the comic book by Jeff Lemir, a dystopian story about a deadly virus in America, destroyed by the highly contagious H5G9. For some audiences this may be too close to reality. Especially when the characters are masked, washing their hands insanely and fearing the arrival of another deadly wave.

This epidemic, which has been active for 10 years, has emptied cities, created chaos of monsters and killed almost all Americans. The few who survived The Walking Dead, Living alone or in small communities cut off from the rest of the world. The internet no longer works. And in Scarlet maid, The fertility rate fell well. In fact, only babies born since the virus appeared: half human, half animal. Why? No one knows for sure.

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Sweet Tooth, his real name is Gus, is one of those hybrid children. He’s 10 years old and he’s half-stag, half-human. OK, pause. I think you are the “half-tigers” here, but don’t give up despite this strange topic. So, in the middle of the Apocalypse, Sweet Tooth’s father raised him in Yellowstone National Park, away from the remnants of civilization. Sweet Tooth has never seen or known people other than her dad alive. The latter showed him everything.

When father dies, zero exposure here, the orphan Sweet Tooth insists on finding his mother who thinks he lives in Colorado. Thus he begins his quest in a world full of dangers and the unknown.

The hope, excitement and innocence of Sweet Tooth stand out in this dirty and violent universe. Sweet Tooth, a kind of Little Prince, written by Saint-Xuperi, which is very charming. His hairy ears move against his will. Its branches grow as it grows. And its slender nose detects all suspicious odors.

Two more dramatic stories have been added to our distinctive young hero who loves maple syrup, hence his nickname “Tooth Sucre”. There is a good doctor who tries to find a vaccine against the virus to keep his infected wife alive.

There is also a therapist who lives in an abandoned zoo and takes hybrid children. Because, the “conspiracy” theory is circulating that these particular children caused the emergence of the H5G9 virus. As a dangerous militia strikes them across the country, Sweet Tooth’s mission becomes dangerous.

On the way to Colorado, Sweet Tooth encounters friends, including a former football player (and a former mercenary), as well as several enemies.

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The viewer then sinks a little Willow, A little inward The Wizard of Oz, A little inward Lord of the Rings, A little inward Peter Pan, All told by Josh Brolin’s deep voice.

Like you, when I saw the photos of these half-human, half-deer kids, I had the same desire Sweet tooth Than doing a marathon What is your name Backwards, and flipping through the future column, let’s be clear, I started the first episode, which starts slowly. Then the second, and the third, and the fourth and fifth, until I reached the bottom of the zuzube bag. A big bag, without even realizing it. Sweet tooth is not the only one that has sweet teeth to the sweet and sour mix of Sweet Sixteen!