December 10, 2023

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The tunnel of fear

The tunnel of fear

Unable to justify its major promised irrational project in Quebec in 2018, the Legalt government has exceeded acceptable limits Using the work on the Pierre-Laport Bridge to lead the fear campaign.

The Legalt government, desperate to save the inevitable, will compete in its ination hello to find a qualification for the tunnel, which could cost about $ 10 billion.

Therefore, for Genevieve Gilbolt, the Minister for Public Safety and the Capitol-National Region, the work undertaken on the Pierre-Laport Bridge this summer and the problems they cause, no doubt need a third link. ”

The CAQ raises questions of safety and the number of ambulances that travel on the bridge each day.

When is it necessary to build a new bridge or tunnel as work is being carried out on the infrastructure for 22 days on the pretext of ensuring safety? And should ambulances be allowed to broadcast there?

On that account, should we build a tunnel because there is work on the Henry IV motorway where even emergency vehicles can rotate? Should we build a second bridge over the Trois-Rivieres every time big work is being done on the Laviolet Bridge? The same thing in Chikoutimi? Elsewhere?

It is the reverse of common sense.

Extend the course

Also keep in mind that most people who use bridges, according to official data, travel west from Lewis to west to Quebec.

So these motorists, near Monsignor-Bourgate, have to go to the other end of the 20, then get off at Saint-Roach or Exposity and go in the opposite direction again. During rush hour, to return to Saint-Foy?

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These motorists do not need to think long and hard to understand that this is a 10 billion tunnel, that they have to extend their path to this stage, to take the tunnel rather than the western bridges, that there is every advantage in preventing it.

Liability issue

In fact, for each sequence of major infrastructure works, it is up to the government to ensure that security issues are pre-existing and that appropriate solutions are in place.

So wouldn’t it be more appropriate for the government to question MTQ’s methods for this project? Is it really necessary to continue in such a restrained manner, with only one lane in each direction for 22 days?

The explanations emanating from the ministry to explain these obstacles are not credible in this regard.

On the one hand, it was explained that the contractor was not responsible, and that the membrane had to be pointed out. On the other hand, it has been said that it is absolutely necessary to install a new layer at full length, so most tracks need to be closed. So is this also a problem in posture? If not, why not proceed differently, to reduce the barriers to bridge users?

As my colleague Jean-Luc Lavalle recently reported, it is very important to remember that this work must be done to correct the error made by MTQ in 2014 and that it will cost two million dollars.

Asphalt that breaks into cakes must be reworked as an inadequate layer is installed in the MTQ.

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“Twenty days of work on the Laport Bridge in the middle of the summer is the only argument that has water, and the good people of Quebec believe they pay half a billion a day for temporary congestion suffering, which is probably favorable 3 CampaignE The link that has been going on for years in the greater Quebec City area has started really badly, ”MP Catherine Dorian wrote on her Facebook page this week.

The one chosen here puts her finger on the tangle of matter. The Legalt government was really desperate to allow itself to fall so low.

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