May 21, 2022

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Supreme Pornography | Quebec Journal

Supreme Pornography |  Quebec Journal

Liberal politicians often boast of the principle of separation of powers.

Benefit from systemic pornography when they are in government and between powers.

I was thinking about this yesterday morning, listening to the press conference of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Richard Wagner.

The magistrate recalled that he had been acting interim governor-general since Jan. 21, when Julie Payet resigned.

Thus, in the name of Elizabeth II, he underlined that he was granting 12 laws and 557 decrees!

His role as an alternative to the head of state is to cut ribbons, award prizes, and so on. Indicated that precious hours were wasted for him.

Trudeau is a subtle way to refer to the government, he should hire a man to replace the hardened astronaut as soon as possible.


Not to mention the fact that he dared to raise it: although his current situation was temporary (and involuntary on his part), it was a clear violation of the principle of separation of powers and independence of the judiciary.

From January, Mr. Wagner will increase contacts with the Privy Council clerk, ministers and the Prime Minister.

He also receives challenges to laws and decrees … has signed himself as the “Administrator of Canada” in place of the Governor-General!

Mr Wagner has signed a decree appointing a new Supreme Court judge, Mahmoud Jamal, to replace Rosalie Abella. There is also discomfort.


By the way, Mr. Jamal has an excellent track record. Born in Kenya; Grew up in England; McGill and Osgode taught in the hall. He worked at the large Osler law firm. The man said he was “honored on Bay Street.” Toronto Star.

In 2006, for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Jamal argued in court against the ban on kirpan at school (traditional Sikh sword) in the famous case of Multani v. Margarite-Bourgeois School Board.

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“Multani” was one of the spark plugs in the debate over reasonable accommodation that tore Quebec apart. Bouchard and Taylor, in their famous report, emphasized the “anger raised in March 2006 by the Supreme Court ruling on Kirpan”.

In 2019, the Trudeau government upgraded Mr Jamal from a lawyer to a judge directly on the Ontario Court of Appeals. In 2021, his appointment as one of the “Supreme” will hurt the gender ratio (now 6 men and 3 women) because he will replace one woman (the Star Underline).

But to use the expression of the same newspaper, he was there “the first person of color”. Born into an Ismaili Muslim (Shia sect), Jamal has been a Bahాయి’ believer since he was married.

In the morning, Chief Justice Wagner appealed for more reflection on “diversity” in the Canadian courts.

Any difference, though? This is my question. An Ontario lawyer of Magrebi origin, very competent, but who would have had the misfortune to express his proletarian views, would not have been able to become a judge in our Dominion.

By the way, Bill 21 will soon end up in the Supreme Court.