May 22, 2022

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The delta variant in Ontario is a concern

The delta variant in Ontario is a concern

Ontario health officials are concerned about the Delta variant, which is now responsible for nearly half of all new COVID-19 cases in the province.

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According to Public Health, these cases are mainly reported in the greater Toronto area.

This variant, first identified in India, is spreading rapidly and Public Health hopes that Ontario will become the dominant variant in this province.

Keep in mind that the delta variant has 60% more infection than the original virus and doubles the risk of reaching the hospital.

“It’s a source of concern, not only because it’s growing in Ontario, but around the world.Back Cecil Tremble from the Department of Microbiology, Infectiology and Immunology at the Center Hospitalier University de Montreal (CHUM).

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In the United Kingdom, the increase in the number of infections in the country due to the increase in the delta variant, the relaxation of health measures had to be postponed for a month.

In Quebec, the border between Ontario and Quebec has just reopened; According to some, something to facilitate the spread of the delta variant in the province. Montreal Public Health says it is looking.

Quebec, we certainly do not have immunity. We must take some action, “said D. A., director of public health in MontrealBack Mylan Droin.

DBack Cecil Tremble insisted that “all unnecessary travel should be stopped again.”

In Ottawa, dr Howard Nzu, deputy chief executive officer of Canada’s Public Health Agency, recalled the importance of receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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“Two doses protect up to 90% against the delta variant, according to studies, only 30% for one,” he says.