May 28, 2022

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The La Source Sport Gaming Center will soon open in Lyon, Marseille


On June 12, Lyon launched one of the largest sports centers in France: players can try their hand at streaming, play in cybercafe mode, or even allocate a room and rooms as a team.

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La Source is a city center in Lyon that spans two floors. It has all the equipment that fans of multiplayer video games have dreamed of: a dining room, streaming booths with the latest equipment to try to exercise without spending a fortune in the Titanic configuration, LAN space without 100 pcs and, finally, a gaming house space.

So competing teams can meet at the center, with high-end PCs, orange fiber connection and rooms starting from € 35 per person, which is also affordable for the semi-professional team. The first did not take long to prepare for the workout, as the Zephyr team in Division 2 of the League of Legends tested it as soon as it was released.

Aim: To give more access to the social aspect of playing online video games, by giving players a place to gather and play the best configurations. The free application allows you to manage all these different locations, count your remaining time directly and pay with a special currency in the middle (orium).

The source of the project is two entrepreneurs, Romain Sagura and Lena Pitch. Although the start date was postponed consecutively due to measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic, after more than four years of work to open it, the project was a success.

The organization received support from the Rne-Alps community. And this is just the beginning: the team is already working on a second center, which will open Marseille. All information can be viewed Here !

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