May 25, 2022

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COVID-19: Fully vaccinated cubes are the only exception

COVID-19: Fully vaccinated cubes are the only exception

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) has relaxed its directive since Tuesday (New window) Although the number of certified cases of COVID-19 is attributed to the variant, with respect to case and consultation management Highly contagious delta It rose 66% in Canada this week.

Relaxation of health measures also affects people exposed to COVID-19. If they are more than six months old when they are diagnosed, they must receive at least one dose of the vaccine to be eligible for this exemption.

If the six-month period has not yet expired, a vaccine dose is not required to take advantage of this new rule.

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A recent directive on case and consultation management has the concept of “protection,” which refers to reducing the risk of transmission to others after a previous vaccine or infection.

Photo: Department of Health and Social Services

The new ministry directive, published on June 15, came to light, with Canadians players being double-vaccinated and thus immune, able to play their third game in the semi-final series despite being contaminated with COVID-19. Their head coach, Dominic Ducharm.

As they are fully vaccinated, the risk is reduced, they no longer need to be isolated, Explains Dr. Alain Poyer, Regional Director of Public Health of CIUSSSS de l’Estrie. This example is very usefulIncentive to get the 2nd dose, Dr. Advice.

Opinions vary

While the coronavirus epidemic is developing in Quebec, New studies show that there is very little transmission when you are protected by the vaccine, Dr. Poyer explained. This does not mean you should not do it [la maladie], But the probability is very low. We always talk about risk management.

Despite encouraging indicators of the evolution of the epidemic Vaccine progression, Roxanne Borges da Silva, a professor of public health at the University of Montreal, called for caution.

Consultation case: It is not mandatory for the vaccinated person to be alone

There is no evidence yet to reduce this type of health limit, she argues. Research The possibility of catching and transmitting COVID when you are vaccinated is not yet complete, Warns the professor.

In the event that we still do not vaccinate 75% of the population, this is a risk.

A quote from:Roxanne Borges da Silva, Professor of School of Public Health at the University of Montreal

Mrs. Borges da Silva cited the example of an elderly man who received total immunity from two doses of the vaccine. She can unknowingly carry the virus and visit her family, one of whom is immunocompromised. Received only a single dose, He may develop severe symptoms and may be hospitalized, She pulled ates.

In my opinion, before changing health rules, full vaccination coverage is needed to reduce the risk of transmission.

Be careful Not cutting corners, England said there was a risk of mimicking the situation Postpone its deconfinition Due to the progress of the Delta variant.

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A solution? Rapid antigenic testing, she suggests, It would be an extra safety net if we checked all of them before entering the arena, limited spaces, offices.

With information from Alexis Gacon and Jacquard Charbonnau