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Ratchet & Clank: Unlike Rift, a patch of 1.001.003 is available, with a hack removed to improve input time by 120 Hz

Ratchet & Clank: Unlike Rift, a patch of 1.001.003 is available, with a hack removed to improve input time by 120 Hz

This was last week Ratchet & Clank: Unlike Rift Landed on the PS5, and Surprised everyone who had the opportunity to try. Well, they are still “rare” because there are not enough reserves of the console. But this does not meanInsomnia games She is not pampering the baby, especially with the first big update released. Studio just deployed A patch 1.001.003, Which fixes some bugs and improves overall stability.

It changes slightly related to appearance and time of day.Input. If you choose The Mode performance Or Performance RT, You can play at 60 fps and you have a 120 Hz compatible display, and if you check the “Enable 120 Hz output” option in the system settings, changing the frequency to 120 fps has no effect, but improveInput About 8 ms. Insomnia It was unfortunately observed to have had an effect as well Compatibility issues with some screens and therefore decided not to allow this use anymore Of 120 Hz. Yet he considered a way Bring back this reduction of delay in a future update.

Simple fixes and improvements

  • Overall game stability improved
  • Weapons will prevent players from getting trapped if the video is not played
  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck while chasing the Phantom
  • Fixed an issue that arose without the rivet his hammer
  • Fixed a rivet entanglement issue after collecting juror stones in Challenge mode
  • Various additional fixes
  • 120Hz auto display output is disabled in performance mode
    • Prior to this update, if “Enable 120Hz output” is set in the system settings, using performance RT or performance mode will automatically detect the 120Hz compatible display and use the 120Hz output mode. Does not change the frame rate of the game, reducing the input delay by approximately 8ms. However, the use of this mode introduced visual compatibility issues with some screens, which we did not feel comfortable imposing automatically on gamers. We are exploring ways to reintroduce this input delay reduction feature in a future update.

For those lucky enough to have a PS5, Ratchet & Clank: Unlike Rift Is available From 61.49 Amazon.fr.

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