July 5, 2022

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WhatsApp hates this new feature of Google Messages

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Google Messages Receives end-to-end encryption. With this new functionality, the app settles down as a serious competitor WhatsApp.

Messages is an SMS and instant messaging app developed for the Android mobile operating system. It has been offered by Google since 2014. The leader in online research is equipped with the RCS messaging protocol in 2018. By April 2020, it had more than a billion downloads. Due to this huge success, Google has launched a massive project to strengthen the security of messages. Last December, it announced its intention to offer the popular end-to-end encryption method. A feature Finally implemented.

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Now only the participants in the conversation can read the encrypted content in the messages without the need for special keys.

When messages become WhatsApp

Google’s messaging application is mainly used for SMS and MMS conversion. However, the number of its features has been increasing significantly in recent years. Messages with the ability to attach images and other multimedia files allow communication in text messaging mode. The RCS protocol guarantees secure communication.

Mountain View has been testing end-to-end encryption since last November. This feature is finally available for Android smartphones. However, its activation is done manually. To do this, you need to go to the application settings. The device must also have internet access. There will be a closed padlock along with protected messages. This icon appears below each message.

Note that end-to-end encryption is not yet available for group chats. ” End-to-end encryption on messages helps keep your conversations safe. This ensures that no one can read the contents of your phone as it flows between your phone and the person you are sending the message to. », Describes Google in any case on the display page of the new feature.

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Other features to come

Google plans to turn off end-to-end encryption for its messaging app. The number one search engine prepares other features. According to several sources, its developers are working on the option to pin conversations. So pinned messages are displayed at the top of the page. This allows the user to easily find his or her favorite conversations.

Another feature that is said to be under development is the ability to tag messages. When the user wants, he can easily find important messages without going through the whole thread of the conversation. It should be noted that this evidence is of interest in code version 8.1.050 of Google Messages.