March 1, 2024

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Honda drops its resolution | Tap

Honda drops its resolution |  Tap

One of the leading figures in the long-range plug-in hybrids will soon become history books.

Charles Rene

Charles Rene

Honda Canada confirmed this week that production of its resolution model will end next August. Built in 2017 on the way to the Siamese Assembly in Japan, it later targeted the Chevrolet Volt. Since the latter was abandoned in 2019, it has had no real direct rival.

In a statement to the media, Honda stated that it wants to “focus on a two-engine hybrid system on base models before introducing the first BEV models in the series by the year 2024”. In short, the manufacturer does not believe that the plug-in hybrid is the way to go in its strategy of transformation for all electrics.

Its polarization design, supply problems and its high initial invoice can explain some of the weak sales in its short career. According to sales statistics compiled by the website, only 749 resolutions were sold in 2020, slightly lower than the 911 sales recorded in 2019.

The fact is that this resolution, with its 212hp hybrid group, has a small 1.5L four-cylinder, which is a very pleasant vehicle, with a range of 77km and low fuel consumption. Fuel. Its spacious interior also enhances its .city.

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