June 28, 2022

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In MP Samson Gear

In MP Samson Gear

Claire Samson explains her decision to sit for the Conservative Party of Quebec on Friday, wondering how much the member perceives the gear helping to keep her.

His gesture made the National Assembly look like a voice and a leader, Eric Duheim, making disturbing remarks on all sorts of issues in his media career. This is worrying. (With all transparency, I must admit here that I am currently the subject of a defamation suit by Eric Duheim.)

We may also wonder about the inspiration and foundations of the former elected Coquista’s policy, while at the same time she did not expect to run again in 2022.

Although she denies it, the member undoubtedly wanted to settle some scores with the CAQ and its leader, and find a platform where she feels she has lost since the party came to power.

Disappointed voters

For Theory Geason, Director and Lead Researcher at the Political Communication Research Group at Laval University, Mr.To me Samson also raises questions about loyalty, motivating voters to vote, and identifying possible reasons for electing an elected official.

“When we look at studies – and there is so much rich literature that it shows – we see that the attraction or notoriety of a local candidate usually has a marginal impact,” he says.

In this way, voters first identify with the leader, Giason explains, and before voting for the candidate they vote for the party, the proposals, and the party campaign.

Disappointed voters

So sending Claire Samson to PCQ will cause frustration among a large number of voters in the Iberville constituency.

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“I would be interested to know how well the two get to know each other, Mr. Giason. We also need to see how their relationship develops and where Mr. Duheim takes place.”