June 7, 2023

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Montreal: Demand for real rent control

Montreal: Demand for real rent control

A few days before the day of traditional layoffs in Quebec, 1, several demonstrators gathered in Montreal on Saturday afternoon demanding real rent control.Is July.

The Regiment des Committees Lagment and Associations de Tenants du Quebec (RCLALQ) urged the Legalt government to take steps to protect the right to housing in this way.

As renovations and rents rise unequally, exhibitors want homes to be considered a right and not an object of benefit to real estate speculators.

Although Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Andre Lafarge presented an action plan last week, RCLALQ believes it “proposes only mitigation solutions that will not slow down the cyclone cyclone cycles.”

However, the minister defended himself by arguing that many tools were available to people who claimed to be victims of dismissal.

“Due to the eviction situation, we have set up a direct route on the website so that people can request information and within 48 hours, the Administrative Housing Tribunal will communicate with the evicted or evicted persons. Their apartment,” M. ExplainedTo me Lauforest interview at LCN, Saturday.

“So this is the first time the government is working to reverse the burden of proof, to maintain the rent register, we still have a lot of good tools and, as I said, we have a straight line.

For RCLALQ spokesman Maxim Roy-Allard, however, these tools are not enough.

“It simply came to our notice then. Tenants are called to find out their rights, but then they fight against their landlord. It is not in equal terms. Often, they are very stressed, relentless, and above all harassment, ”he lamented.

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Quebec Solidar (QS), for its part, wants a temporary ban on rebuilds as soon as possible.

“At the beginning of the year there was a study by the La Petit-Patri Housing Committee that found that 85% was fraudulent for rebuilding or repossessing to keep parents. More control is needed,” argued Andres Fontesilla, a Member of Parliament for Solidarity in Laurier-Dorian.

– Based on information from Chu Anh Farm