March 24, 2023

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Quebecars are invited to obtain proof of their vaccine

Quebecars are invited to obtain proof of their vaccine

(Montreal) Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey has invited Cuban vaccinators to prove that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, if it has not already happened.

In a tweet aired on Sunday morning, Mr Dubey added a link on the site to obtain proof of the vaccine.

Quebec delivered 91,197 new doses of vaccines on Saturday, releasing a total of 7.2 million doses so far. The dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was 84.73% in the province.

Note that three new areas will also turn green on Monday.

These are Boss-Saint-Laurent, Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean and Marisi-Center-du-Quebec. This change of zone will include some relaxation of sanitary regulations.

Therefore, meetings in homes and on private land are now allowed with a maximum of 10 people from three different addresses, so three families rather than two families as in the yellow zone.

In restaurants and bars, it is possible to meet up to 10 people around a single table. However, companies must maintain a customer register.

In addition, new phases of the decontamination plan will come into effect this week, especially when day camps and holiday camps begin.

From Friday, June 25, Quebecars will be able to reconnect with festivals and major outdoor events, respecting health practices, with a maximum of 3,500 spectators at each site.

Drive-in parks on the green and yellow levels can also accommodate up to 3,500 people.

Consult the rules that apply in your area