May 30, 2023

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All four areas are green

All four areas are green

A week before the rest of the province, four more areas will go into the green zone today, with the virus outbreak in Quebec at a 10-month low. But the increase in cases elsewhere in the world, especially due to the delta variant, raises many questions.

Sagune – Lock-Saint-Jean, Boss-Saint-Laurent, Marisi and Center-du-Quebec are therefore included in four other areas that have already crossed the vigilance level.

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Inside it is possible to meet up to a maximum of ten people or all three homeowners. In these meetings, wearing a mask and social distance are no longer mandatory.

This ten-person limit also applies to private outdoor gatherings and to customers sitting at the same table in restaurants or bars.

In addition, outdoor sports can be done in 50 groups and can be attended by many spectators. Inside, the limit of participants and spectators is 25.

The reductions came as Quebec dropped 103 new cases, 2 deaths and 8 hospitals in 24 hours. The total number of infections in the province this week is the lowest since August 2020.

Capital-National and Chowdhury-Appalachians, who must go green on June 28, as in the rest of the yellow zone, report only two and five additional cases.

“It’s almost impossible to get damaged like before. We are preparing well and the symptoms for vaccines are minimal,” said epidemiologist Michelle Camus. A sharp increase in cases is possible, but not likely to reach the hospital.

And who is at risk of being affected? Especially undesirable people. They are more likely to suffer from complications, but will also enable an epidemiologist to diagnose them. According to Public Health England, the risk of infection in non-infected people is 2,908 out of 1. This number increases to 1 in 7,901 after one dose and 1 in 22,455 after two doses. Vaccines protect against 90% of the delta variant and increase the risk of hospitalization of the delta variant, so most of the complications from the virus affect unidentified individuals.

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The main reason for this is the delta variant.

It represents almost all new cases in the United Kingdom, but also the prevalence of cases in Russia and Brazil, as it accounts for about 60% more infections and twice the risk of hospitalization.

The problem is, most people do not get their second dose, which is necessary to deal with this variant. “The effect of vaccines [Pfizer et AstraZeneca] Against this variant, it is only 33% after a single dose [alors que c’est plus de 90 % après deux doses] , Explains virologist Jacques Lapierre.

Vaccination and the epidemiological situation in our country and in neighboring countries. “Cases in Quebec are dropping all at once, which is good. If you don’t protect your neighbors properly, he can bring you anything and start over,” said virologist Jacques Lapierre.

That is why vaccination operation elsewhere is as important as it is here.

While Dr. Lapierre believes that if all goes well we hope to reopen our borders from the fall, Michelle Camus believes this will be possible as early as this summer, but travelers will be monitored very closely.