March 24, 2023

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Samian: “Legalt missed the best opportunity of his life”

Samian: "Legalt missed the best opportunity of his life"

In an interview with TVA Novels, rapper Samian recalled the importance of National Indigenous People’s Day and regretted that Franకోois Legalt refused to make it a holiday.

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For the Quebec rapper from Abyssinian First Nation, “The first countries are the origins of Quebec and Canada. June 21 should be underlined the same as June 24, 1Is July “.

According to him, “[François Legault] He missed a great opportunity in his life by refusing to turn June 21 into a public holiday.

When asked about the discovery of the bodies of 215 local children found on the grounds of a former boarding school in British Columbia, he said: “We are amazed at how far this can go. What we found in British Columbia was the tip of an iceberg. It is a legal carnage, not punishable. No one is responsible for all this, who will be punished? ”.

Samian is about to release his 5thE Album, Nowhere, Sung entirely in Algonquin. It will be unveiled during the Presence Festival.

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