May 18, 2022

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New and Effective Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers

With around a billion active users monthly and unique algorithms to follow, Instagram has been a competitive place where creative accounts “battle” their way to get the top position. If you want to grow, you need a way to get free Instagram followers naturally.


There are ways to boost your presence on this platform, so you need to work smarter, not harder. Growing yourself on Instagram isn’t as easy as it looks. But with a few tips below, you can start gaining free Instagram followers, and free Instagram likes.


Start Using Instagram Reels


To be more relevant on Instagram, you need to always be up to date. In the recent update, Instagram added a new feature called Instagram Reels. It’s a feature where you can create 30-second video clips with other fitting music. It takes the center position of the main navigation bar, so it isn’t easy to miss.


With the new algorithm putting Instagram reels on the front page more often, there’s a significant number boost on Reels browse and share within this year. You can find this feature similar to TikTok, with a slight chance of getting viral. We can say this feature is a game-changer because users will see Reels from all accounts, not by the accounts they follow.


Now, when the competition is relatively low, it’s the best time to make use of Reels. Be creative on your videos, and start growing your presence this way. With a lot of creativity, you can gain Instagram followers free within a short period.

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Optimize Your Profile


As said before, Instagram has its algorithm to decide who it will put on the front page. Just like optimizing your website search engine, you can also do the same thing on Instagram. The only difference here is the algorithm.


Instagram has recently added an update so the English-speaking users from 6 different countries will able to search via using keywords. The previous algorithm worked in a different way. Instead of keywords, the determining factors are the username and the hashtag. So when you search #foods, many accounts and hashtags relevant to that topic would populate your feed.


Now, you can depend on several things: captions, bios, and names. With those three presented well, even when not using the relevant hashtag, there’s a chance for your account to show up.


An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed this statement in an interview with The Verge. Their team considered several factors, including contents type, captions, and post time to give users more relevant, quality results. So, be sure to always do your best in it to gain more followers and free Instagram likes.


Create More Contents Via IGTV


Instagram has become a more social version of YouTube. With IGTV, users can see favorite videos from their idols for a longer duration. With the current Covid condition, many people are turning Instagram into their best entertainment source.


Fortunately, with IGTV, you can keep your audience updated with current content. With the creative and fun videos you created on IGTV, you can gain more engagement. Creating IGTV is an excellent way to keep your community while reaching more comprehensive free Instagram followers.

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