May 25, 2022

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NHL Series: Officers caught between tree and bark

NHL Series: Officers caught between tree and bark

“I’ll tell you a deal.” I do not want to take part in that series. It’s Tough In Tabarout. Especially compared to the other semi-finals, nothing happens there. “

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At the end of the line, Pierre Champaux. From 1988 to 2014, he participated in 1,516 NHL games as a lineman. Despite being out of action, he never stopped following the activities of the Betman Tour, especially in the playoffs.

Like everyone else, he watched the difficult evenings Chris Lee and Dan O’Rourke had at the Bell Center on Friday and Sunday nights.

According to him, two referees and their two fellow linemen should give Lawton a four-minute penalty, with Jonathan Marchesalt hitting Corey Perry in extra time in three games.

SÉRIES: Golden Knights vs Canadians

Screenshot, TVA Sports

“Like any human being, a referee can make a mistake. On top of that, they completely lost it. You can’t miss a gesture like that, he said. It was the responsibility of the four guys on the ice. ”

In the third duel of the series between CH and the Golden Knights, Corey Perry was cut in the face by Jonathan Marchesault with a stick.  The Vegas player was not punished, much to Perry's obscenity.

Screenshot, TVA Sports

In the third duel of the series between CH and the Golden Knights, Corey Perry was cut in the face by Jonathan Marchesault with a stick. The Vegas player was not punished, much to Perry’s obscenity.

More power in Toronto

In fact, Champaux believes the time has come for Toronto authorities to call a timekeeper bench and advise them that a crime has been committed.

“With the pace of the game, it’s not a bad thing to review a major event like a high stick or a match penalty with an injury. I think we were there. This gives officers more tools. ”

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For the rest, he said, referees often clasp their hands. Like those who skate with a hockey stick, the goal of the authorities is to reach the Stanley Cup final.

  • Former NHL referee and TVA sportsman Vincent D’Souralt’s microphone at Stephen Agger’s. Listen to this on QUB Radio:

More allowed in third place

If players do it by winning matches, the authorities, on the other hand, do it on merit. And who determines the identity of the most deserving? NHL Operations Office.

“They were caught between the tree and the bark. Referees from the office of hockey operations are guided by guys who do not know the reality of those on the ice. They were never in the zoo, in the juice. They do not understand all the implications of the decision. “

“Reached in the third period, referees are told to call penalties for actions that interfere with a player’s progress with the puck: tripping, hanging, catching. On the contrary, they allow a little more if a strong game is not injured,” he said.

Where double failures from behind, grips of fighting and unpunished punches.

Learn how to avoid calming down

However, Champaux was not ready to give Lee and O’Rourke a full redemption.

“It simply came to our notice then Game management To do. If you do this because you have already lost one from the other team or you lost a stroke a few minutes earlier, you will end up in the third period. And the same kind of punishment to call your hands. “

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It confuses us at the end of the second season, ending with Brighten McNab left on Nick Suzuki’s face under Lee’s eyes.

Thinking of raising his hand, the referee changed his mind at the last moment, pretending to replace his sweater, and shrugged. Sure, he just knew he had done something wrong.

“When you return to the locker room after a similar situation, there is no word to be said. Everyone was excited. Find out what happened to you in your head. You have 20 minutes to regain your concentration. Every time, it’s your job, your career is in danger. “

Four times since the start of his career, O’Rourke has officially played in the final of the Edmonton Bubble, including last year. Lee, for his part, never got to this stage. This year it may still not be so.

Unpunished actions between CH and Vegas

Match # 2

SÉRIES: Golden Knights vs Canadians

Screenshot, TVA Sports

  • Vegas has no punishment.
  • William Carlson led Joel Edmundson’s face into the bay window first.
  • Corey Perry was caught by Ryan Reeves and William Carrier while lying on the puck. Eric Stall said the approach to thinking about referees.
  • Joel Army hit Alec Martinez from behind near the ramp.
  • “They are clean. It’s very clean, “said Canadian head coach Dominic Ducharm.

Match # 3

SÉRIES: Golden Knights vs Canadians

Screenshot, TVA Sports

  • Corey Perry Croke-n-Leg on Alec Martinez.
  • Bryden McNab hit from behind Arthuri Lehkonen.
  • Jonathan Marchesalt baton in Corey Perry’s face.

Match # 4

  • Joel Edmundson’s double failure behind William Carrier.
  • Brighten McNab Punch to Nick Suzuki.
  • Abstraction de Mark Stone sur Philip Donald.
  • Conflict between Shia Weber and Thomas Nosek (check from behind, a punch to the back of the head, a few blows with a stick and we end up punishing them after floating).
  • Alex Touch knocks down Philip Donald.

These two officers are briefly (as of February 1, 2021)

Don O’Rourke

  • 1er Match: October 2, 1999
  • Regular season: 1085 games
  • Playoffs: 148 games
  • Finals: 2011, 2012, 2016, 2020

Chris Lee

  • 1er Match: 2 April 2001
  • Regular season: 1179 games
  • Playoffs: 86 games
  • Conclusion: Anything

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