February 23, 2024

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National Holiday: The show was filmed on Tuesday evening

National Holiday: The show was filmed on Tuesday evening

As you read this article, the great national holiday show La Record is being recorded on the premises of Manoir Richelieu and is set to air on Thursday evening on four major French-speaking networks in Quebec.

The atmosphere was conducive and the organizers’ plan A prevailed, to everyone’s delight.

Because when thunder or high winds occur, the recording is moved to tonight. If the weather is not yet cooperative, it needs to be performed live on the evening of the 24th.

This choice is of serious concern to managers.

“We had content challenges because some artists weren’t available on the 24th. We had to correct ourselves,” said producer Sylvain Parent-Bedard.

When the error occurred, it took out a product insurance policy with Lloyds in London.

It counts every dollar. The National Day Show budget is $ 2.6 million. The event in Charlevoix‌s will cost more in 2020 (between 8 1.8 M and 9 1.9 M), and generally on Trois-Rivieres than those presented at Abraham Ground (approximately $ 2 M).

According to Sylvain Parent-Bedard, accommodation and transportation costs related to filming in the area are described.

In addition, six people read a speech of national pride, formerly known as a patriotic speech. Tireless Janet Bertrand, Daniel Boucher, Kim Thai, Mylene Pocket, The Dr Stanley Valent and Fabrice Will share this text reading, which was inspired by the play Snow, The last Andre Gagnon.

Like the sexteat of animators with Charlotte Cardin, Cour de Pirate, Louis-Jean Carmire, Cornell, Samian and Saramమీ, the selected individuals represent the various ethnic and cultural communities in Quebec.

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The speech was produced by Isabelle Vivier and will be presented in collaboration with six people.

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