June 30, 2022

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Prohibited for unsuspecting employees and customers

Prohibited for unsuspecting employees and customers

From July 12, Morgan Stanley Bank will have to vaccinate its customers and visitors not only to its employees and subcontractors, but also to its customers and visitors if they wish to access one of its offices in New York.

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A source close to the investment bank told AFP on Wednesday that the company had submitted the new rule in an internal message signed by Mandel Crawley, the company’s human resources manager.

This applies to offices where there is a large number of people in and around the metropolis.

The source said that some departments have already created spaces for people who have been vaccinated. This is a question that now extends to all services.

Employees have until July 1 to say whether Kovid is being vaccinated.

American Bank James James Gorman indicated that 90% of staff who returned to the office last week had been vaccinated.

Once the rule is enforced, all employees can leave the mask and physical distance rules.

Unknown people have to work from home.

To enter the Bank premises, customers and visitors must declare in their honor that they have received serum against Kovid-19.

Mr. Gorman proceeds to return to his employees’ office.

“If you can eat in New York, you can come to the office and we want you in the office,” he said at a June 14 meeting. There will be flexibility, he promised. But if employees do not return to the office in early September, he said, “I will be very disappointed.”

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