May 27, 2022

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Uber Canada departed from the Netherlands and settled in the country

Uber Canada departed from the Netherlands and settled in the country

(Toronto) Uber’s Canadian ride share and food delivery business will shift from the Netherlands to Canada, affecting the company’s tax bill.

Tara Deschamps
The Canadian Press

California-based tech giant San Francisco says its Canadian operations will take effect from Change 1Is July and sales taxes will have to be collected, which will be sent to the governments.

Uber explained that the change will not lead to new fees for most restaurants, drivers or couriers, but current fees will now be subject to the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST), Provincial Sales Tax and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Uber Eats Pass program subscribers also have to pay sales tax.

The change will allow restaurants, drivers and couriers to claim tax credits, and all its customers, including travelers, diners, restaurants, drivers and couriers, will have to enter into agreements with Uber’s new Canadian companies.

The company said it was preparing for the transfer of Canadian operations from 2018 and had already taken similar steps in Australia – New Zealand and Europe, the Middle East and the United States. ‘Africa.

Uber began considering the action in 2017 after Ontario Uber Eats driver David Heller filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

Heller hopes that Uber’s employment standards will recognize Uber drivers as employees and provide them with a minimum wage, vacation pay and other protections.

Uber defended itself and received the suspension because all of its disputes had a contractual provision to go to arbitration in the Netherlands, where the company was merged.

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The case went to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2020, which was with drivers in 2020 and paved the way for class action to obtain certification.

Uber eventually changed its dispute resolution protocols to allow arbitration in the province or territory where the driver lives, but employment lawyer Samara Belitzky said Uber’s new contracts still have legal provisions that would annoy unsuspecting drivers.

OmE Belitzky, who is part of Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, which is leading the class action, says the new contracts sent to drivers are asking them to agree not to participate in class actions against Uber – a condition of their agreement. Previous.

Uber wants drivers to agree to resolve their issues through mediation or on an individual basis, but also provides instructions on how to opt out of this provision.E Belitzky.

“Subscribe info is at the end only […] And they are written in heavy legal jargon, so many Uber drivers do not even see them, ”Mr.E Belitzky.

“They do not realize that their rights are being affected.”

She recommends reading carefully if anyone asks you to sign a new contract.

The company, which began warning its customers on Wednesday about the changes, will also provide help lines and tax resources to anyone with questions.