July 7, 2022

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An algorithm to prevent tooth loss

An algorithm to prevent tooth loss


  • The algorithm is a very powerful computing tool whose operation is based on artificial intelligence.
  • Diseases such as periodontitis or gingivitis are risk factors for tooth loss.
  • New devices have been put in place to enable dental care: From January 1, 2021, resin can completely cover dentures.

Teeth allow chewing, talking but also talking Smile ! Your loss in childhood is very common Deciduous teeth, In adolescence, this phenomenon becomes more problematic. Dental researchers at the prestigious Harvard University have developed a computer tool to identify people at risk of losing their teeth. In PLOS ONE, They explain how these are Algorithms.

Oral health, adequate indicator

While all of our analysis algorithms are risk assessment tools, those with socio-economic variables are particularly powerful in identifying individuals at risk for tooth loss.“How Hawajin, the lead author of this study, describes how she compared five people with her team. Algorithms, Based on different combinations of variables. Socio-economic status, skin color, level of education, Diabetes Or Osteoarthritis Gave more relevant results compared to algorithms that work only on oral health information. In this study, all instruments were tested without dental examination.

Early populations are at greater risk

We know how important it is to detect and act quickly to prevent tooth loss“The study’s co-author Jane Barrow said it is possible to prevent tooth damage if these warning signs are detected early.”Most people who suffer from dental disease do not see anything Dentist It is not possible to save the tooth before the critical moment“, Scientists point out. Many previous studies have shown that there is a risk of losing dangerous and / or grassroots population teeth, some of which have limited access Dental care. This new tool is used in different medical contexts and not only in the dentist, it allows to test a large number of people.

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