May 23, 2022

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“I would rather fall on Raja than the pyramids in the final”

"I would rather fall on Raja than the pyramids in the final"

While many supporters will face the pyramids in the final, President Charif Mellal announced his preference for Raja de Casablanca on Channel III yesterday.

“I do not choose my opponent, but my priority is Raja de Casablanca. We want to fall on Raja de Casablanca in the final, because this is a team we already know. Rajouis also knows us from when we faced each other last season. We are confident that the match will be played on a neutral ground and with this dynamic the players will be able to accept the challenge, ”he declared.

“We will have plenty of time to negotiate with Lavagne.”

If director Kamel Abdeslam told Channel II that talks with Lavagne had already begun, President Mellal would have preferred to avoid the question. “We have started talks with Lavagne, but for now we like to focus on our matches. We have a lot of time to talk to him. He still has a few months to go and we will sit around the table at the end of the season,” he said.

“It’s been 19 years since we played the JSK African Cup Final and we are determined to give a great match.”

While waiting for JSK to compile his qualifying ticket for the final, President Mellal said in his speech that he knew his team had not played the final in a continental competition for 19 years. “We know that JSK has not hosted the African Cup Final for 19 years. This year is good. We are in the finals, we will play to our full potential and in the final, we will do our best to achieve a great match, because our goal is to give our fans at least one title,” he promised. .

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“We must take Cotton Sport very seriously”

President Mellal reiterated yesterday that his team was not yet in the final. “At 90%, we expect the game to be difficult. We have to take it very seriously, because Cotton Sport does everything to start qualifying. So we have to be careful about this team,” he warned.

“We have appealed to the Prime Minister for services”

Commenting on the authorities’ refusal to allow supporters to attend the match, President Mellal said: “We have appealed to the Prime Minister for his services. I hope they give us 50% of the 10,000 places authorized by the CAF. This is our desire. ”

“Cassider must give us what is agreed in the contract”

In light of the improved economic situation in recent weeks, President Mellal has not missed the opportunity to appeal to the Cossaider’s CEO to continue his team’s commitments to the club. “I urge Cassider’s CEO, Rekhrokh, to intervene so that he can give us what he agreed to in the contract.

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