January 22, 2022

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Public Health of Canada | Relaxed advice for those who have been fully vaccinated

Public Health of Canada |  Relaxed advice for those who have been fully vaccinated

(Ottawa) The Public Health Agency of Canada now says that people who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 can eat with loved ones without distance or masks.

Stephanie Taylor
The Canadian Press

The federal agency released the notice a few days after being asked what “fully vaccinated” can do now as the vaccination campaign intensifies in the country. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says 26% of eligible Canadians are fully immunized; 76% of Canadians received a single dose.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr Theresa Tom said Friday that regional colleagues want citizens to follow the advice provided by local medical authorities because it is closer to reality on Earth. But the federal agency has yet to publish a table of what people can and cannot do if they are fully or partially vaccinated.

For example, one person stated that, regardless of the vaccine status, a person who is fully vaccinated in a small group does not need to maintain distance or maintain a mask when exposed to the outside. The same is true for fully vaccinated individuals who meet fully vaccinated individuals inside a small group residence.

The federal agency adds that if everyone is safe and no one has pre-existing health problems, people who are not completely immune can still do the same thing. In the open environment, when people of different addresses are mixed with an unknown vaccine status, those who have been fully vaccinated are advised to drop the mask, but others should keep it.

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For dense groups such as the performance hall, the agency recommends that pre-vaccinated individuals keep the mask in a crowded indoor environment, even if they do not have pre-existing health problems. On the other hand, if they feel vulnerable, they should keep the mask in a small indoor environment if they do not know the vaccine status of other people.

Delta variant, “last hurdle”

PHAC also released its Pandomic Modeling‌ on Friday, indicating that the delta variant could worsen the fourth wave of epidemic in the fall or winter than previously believed.

Data currently show that the number of new cases and hospitals across the country continues to decline as more Canadians are being vaccinated against COVID-19. States are therefore continuing deconfinition gradually by lifting public health restrictions placed to limit conventions and reduce the spread of coronavirus. For example, both Saskatchewan and Alberta plan to eliminate all of their sanitation activities, including wearing masks in July.

Federal public health officials said Friday that the Delta variant was “the last hurdle” in the fight against the pandemic in Canada. If the fall and winter stabilize throughout, this diversity, more contagious, is likely to exceed the capacity of hospitals.

Federal government modeling is based on the premise that this strain of SARS-CoV-2 is more contagious than other concerns and can lead to more severe COVID-19 depending on one another. Moved to UK.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tom said the Delta variant is the most contagious to date and has increased its presence in the country. Federal data show that most cases of the delta variant are found in those who have not been vaccinated or who have received a single dose.

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