November 29, 2023

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Quebec plans to significantly increase the allowable nickel limit in air

Quebec plans to significantly increase the allowable nickel limit in air

The current standard is 14 nanograms of nickel (ng / m) per cubic meter3) Air. The government wants to increase this to 70 ng / m3. He also wants to add an annual limit of 20 ng / m3.

The changes will be recommended by a working group comprising representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Innovation, Energy and Natural Resources, Health and Social Services, and the National Institutes of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ).

It turned out that he was It is beneficial to modify the nickel standard to obtain the optimal solution in terms of protection of public health, environment and economic development. The changes he proposes take into account both the presence of nickel in the air and the scientific knowledge identified in relation to economic problems.

Nickel is present in the air Especially promoted in the field of Limoilou In recent years, especially due to its consequences on the health of citizens.

This is really worrying, Believes Solidarity Deputy Sol Sol Janetti, who did not reduce his words about the intention of the government.

Glencore, a mining company located in various parts of the province, such as the port of Quebec, is the result of a number of lobbying activities. Overall, less than 23 Glencore representatives are registered in the Quebec Lobbyists Registry.

We have a situation where there is lobbying from a mining company called Glencore, which does a large amount of transshipment at the port, which meets the Minister of the Environment and convinces him that if he exceeds the standards, the standard is too severe. We have a minister there who cares more about multinational interests than population health.

A quote from:Soul Janetti, Deputy for Gene-Lesage

I am very afraid that the minister will try to steal it in the month of July. […] When the world is on vacation and citizens cannot mobilize, Said Mr. Janetti.

30 days to intervene

The government has not given any explanations to induce these changes, but guarantees that it will Collaborate with businesses in initiating measures to reduce the amount of nickel in the air.

When the regulations are submitted in the Official Government Gazette, citizens have 30 days to file the briefs.

I have access to information requests to the National Institute of Public Health in Quebec, Mr. Janetti. They refused to give me any information on this. I was recommended to the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Finance. To this day, he said he has not yet received additional information.

When is nickel good for your health? Raising rates and knowing that the amount of nickel in the air is not bad does not take a post-doctorate in public health. There doesn’t mean something there, Treats the deputy in solidarity.

Draft control will be introduced In the coming months, According to the government.

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