June 7, 2023

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This is the Beach Club $ 245,000

This is the Beach Club $ 245,000

The famous BeachClub of Point-Columet is pulling 5,000 to 245,000 in debt from 2019 to the local police, a frustrating issue that is creating tensions among elected officials in the area, revealed emails received by our investigation office.

About ten days ago, beach club owner Oliver Primau proudly posted his new acquisition on social networks, calling it the “gate”. [sic] For Real ”: McLaren 540c car worth at least 000 200,000.

Oliver Primau recently proudly posted on social media that his new McLaren 540c is worth at least 000,200,000.

Screenshot from Instagram

Oliver Primau recently proudly posted on social media that his new McLaren 540c is worth at least 000,200,000.

At the same time, his lawyer, Reggie de Police du Locks des Dukes-Montagnes (RPLDM), is in talks, trying for months to repay the 5,000 to 245,000 debt from 2019 for subsequent monitoring and monitoring services. Beachclub activities.

Bisbille among the mayors

The situation creates tensions between the four mayors of Laurentians sitting on the RPLDM board of directors.

The exchanges we contacted last April, the beach club offered 000 100,000 to repay its loan, which Reggie turned down.

However, a member of the board of directors was asked to accept the Myers settlement offer of Saint-Mart మార్-sur-le-Lock.

In an email sent to her colleagues on the board of directors on April 21, Sonia Paulus appealed that police interference at the beach club would create a number of fines and hence revenue for Reggie.

“So you understand that we have found a legal settlement offer in the amount of 100,000, even though we have no legal fees to pursue the legal,” she wrote.

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The mayor was linked to debt recovery and a police-made complaint to Reggie des Alcals, des Courses and des Juke in 2018, following which BeachClub received a 20-day suspension of its liquor license.

“I understand the police service complained to Reggie […], And this, for the sole purpose of repaying this loan. [La police veut] Even if this company earns revenue for our area, reach out to this corporation in all ways, ”she complained in the same email.

The Municipal Commission was alerted

Beachclub owner Oliver Primau said in an interview last February.

Photo Agency QMI, Alejandra Karanza

Beachclub owner Oliver Primau said in an interview last February.

This position taken by Mrs. Paulus towards the beach club created a stir among the mayors, as confirmed by various quarters. The situation was also reported to the Commission Municipality du Quebec.

“I do not accept that my citizens pay for a security service to a private company,” Duke-Montagnes Mayor Denise Martin wrote in response to Ms Paulus.

“Repeated requests about 2019 billing for the BeachClub […] It can be seriously misunderstood as admirable as your intent. I think this situation is very sensitive. […] I strongly advise the Reggie administration to do its job to recover all the debts, ”he said.

Joined via email, Mayor Paulus defended her interventions to reduce the beach club debt.

“I do not in any way stand in favor of the creditor of the Regi de Police. I have always maintained myself for the benefit of the Police Authority,” she said, affirming that I must show reserve in this matter.

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“It is important to do a full analysis for each file […] And if there is a legal process, the chances of success and the legal costs arising from a lawsuit must be taken into account. Any good organizer should do this exercise. ”

Solution soon?

For his part, Oliver Primau vowed that the talks would go well. His lawyer, David Boudouin, said he was “optimistic” that a solution would be reached soon.

According to Mr. Primau, Reggie charged “a little more expensive” for his services.

“It’s a debt, it’s a long time, we’ve been negotiating right now. […] It settles there. This is really one thing because of COVID. […] It does not come to court. We have a very good understanding with the police. The invoice will be paid, ”said the founder.

– With Jean-Franకోois Cloutier