July 5, 2022

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Canadian victory: The worst escaped this time

Canadian victory: The worst escaped this time

Montreal police hope their swift intervention following the Canadians’ victory has allowed them to avoid littering Thursday night around the Bell Center, a great relief to traders in the area.

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“As soon as the game was over, some people crossed the line. Someone got in a vehicle [de police], Others followed and encouraged him. The impact of the waves is most dangerous in large groups, ”said David Shane, a spokesman for the Montreal Police Department.

When the Canadian scored the winning goal that led to the Stanley Cup final for the first time since 1993, the Revelers took over the street furniture, branding the orange cones.

The robbers left steam in the patrol car.

Photo QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

The robbers left steam in the patrol car.

Dangerous moments

The projectiles were thrown in the direction of the officers. Eight police vehicles were damaged, including those that overturned.

“It has become dangerous for citizens and agents, so we quickly intervened to disperse the public,” the inspector explained.

It allowed police forces to bring calm to the city center, Mr Shane said, adding that the overflow could not continue.

In all, the SPVM issued 60 indictments and arrested 15 people for assault, armed assault on a police officer and obstruction of police work.

“Most of the citizens had dinner in peace and behaved well,” he stressed.

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The worst case scenario is thus avoided. At 2 a.m., the city center regained its composure.

There was plenty of home fireworks after the game.

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Buregard

There was plenty of home fireworks after the game.

The merchants escaped

The party centers disappeared around the Bell Center yesterday morning, along with pieces of glass as well as on the sidewalks. The shop windows of the neighboring streets are intact.

“None of our bottom traders were hired by the overflow. We are very proud of that,” said Inspector Shane.

The supervisor at the Sports Crescent on Saint-Catherine Street took some precautions while the offspring Enrique.

“When I closed at 8pm. [jeudi], I turned off the lights and removed the sweaters from the front of the shop, ”he explained.

He takes no risk for the next big games for the Canadians. He plans to place a newspaper and a “for rent” sign in front of the store to prevent thugs from attacking his business.

SPVM is already working to plan its interventions during the upcoming games.

“We foresaw all the scenes that were unimaginable. Officers plan the numbers, the way operations will be conducted. They use good moves and lessons learned, ”explained David Shane, who asked Canadians not only to watch the Stanley Cup win, but in a festive atmosphere, but without the mayhem.

– Guillaume Sir, with Agence QMI