June 7, 2023

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Public Art: Extraordinary passages are always surprising

Public Art: Extraordinary passages are always surprising

They are amazing and appear everywhere and often in unexpected places. The eighth edition of Passages Insolites will animate various sectors of Old Capital in the coming months.

It opens in the Petit Champlain District, at Old Port, Place Royal and in the districts of Saint-Roach and Saint-Sauvign. There are 21 public artifacts built by 50 artists, excluding satellite works, in three areas of the upper town.

Particularly astonishing is the payment terminal, where toys, abandoned suitcases and tampered cars in unusual places and locations have become sections of the lawn.

“The creativity of the artists is infinite,” Vincent Roy, general and artistic director of EXMuro Public Arts, said at a press conference on Friday.

This ination responds, as if he had spotted a small group of astonished little girls on the stairs of Quai-du-Roy. A reaction to the success of the public art exhibition.

The hilarious adventures of American artist Mark Jenkins' hyperrealistic characters.

Photo by Wives Leclerc

The hilarious adventures of American artist Mark Jenkins’ hyperrealistic characters.

Head office

The 2021 edition of Passages Insolites, running through October 11, is the largest in the young history of Passages Insolites.

“We have four times more works than we did in the first edition in 2014. This is perhaps the biggest event in public art in Quebec and Canada,” he said, adding that he feels immense potential for maturity and exploitation to settle down. Around this event organized in partnership with the city of Quebec.

Three works were exhibited in collaboration with Swedish artists. Instead, three Quebec artists will perform in Sweden in 2022 during the Openart biennial album.

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One aspect of the novelty is that from July 14, the performing arts will be joined by professional artists in the theater, dance, circus, multi-art and music, Petit Champlain, Place Royal and Old Port, via the Passages Insolites route.

Space 400E, In Old Port, the headquarters of Passages Insolites. There you will find information and maps to start the course. Small yellow squares on the ground allow you to find outdoor artifacts.

Here are about a hundred works from the Museum of Bad Art (Moba) in Boston. The works, somewhat specifically, are retrieved from garage sales, second hand stores, flea markets and even trash cans.

“It’s a celebration of bad art in all its forms. Something went wrong in all of these works,” Vincent Roy explained.

Information All information is online passagesinsolites.com.