May 23, 2022

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10,000 fans at the Bell Center‌ Please!

10,000 fans at the Bell Center‌ Please!

COVID frightened the Cubans. The government and public health have made full use of this fear to make the Cubans very quiet.

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Furthermore, even though COVID cases today are lower than those of diabetes, engaged liver or especially poorly treated cancer, public health still receives an exceptional health emergency. In Quebec they can do whatever they want and they do not hesitate in their power.

Unless the good guys get off the train. I hope Franకోois Legalt’s informants really tell him how it goes in real life in the world. Fear and the square bureaucratic actions that come with it, the world is coming.

People are not basements. See that this has nothing to do with reality. Their reality.

On National Day June 24, 88 cases were reported in Quebec. 88 cases for 8.5 million residents. 30 cases have been confirmed for Montreal. I can tell you that in the Bell Center it is 0 cases, zero, band, nothing. Gives 0.000 01% per cent in Quebec. Buy yourself a Lotto Max ticket, you are more likely to win.

Come out of fear

I hope Franకోois Legalt reads something other than his satisfaction rate surveys. If he did, he realized that the Canadian had given him to send a huge signal to all the Quebecars. Getting out of this pandemic and most importantly this fear through its advertising, in a clever and coherent way.

Quebecars fell in love with their Canadian. CH leaders want to welcome them, people are ready to encourage them, they are best suited to get closer to normal life above all else.

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Normal life begins with 10,000 fans at the Bell Center for games three and four of the final.

10,000 fans, Mr. Legalt, let you be smart and come out of the distillery fear.

10,000 fans, just 715 spectators in 14 zones planned by the Canadian. It still keeps a bench of distance between two te enthusiasts. In addition, Joanne is an arbitrary person who received 250 viewers on August 3, 2020. 10 months ago. Despite the great success of the vaccine one person has not changed.

In addition, and France-Margaret Belanger confirmed this yesterday, CH asks all spectators to wear a mask, although it is not mandatory under certain circumstances in Quebec from tomorrow.

That’s 715 people masked, one seat away … and 80% vaccinated. One hundred with the first dose.

What does it take for you to get out of fear?

Tracing of each customer

Prime Minister Legalt‌ has a golden opportunity to act wisely. The Canadian is big. But it is also useful for public health progress.

All tickets sold for Canadians games, COVID Oblige, electronic. They appear on the customer’s cell phone. If he decides to resell it, he will have to go through the Canadian system. Thus every one in 10,000 has its trace in Canadian computer services. If there is a COVID case, we know who, who is sitting and with whom.

To conduct a democratic life test, it seems to me that this is the ideal solution. In Great Britain, Italy and Spain, experimental concerts were held to study the consequences of a conference.

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100 times better this time, everyone is recognizable. As long as they send the data to the Ministry of Revenue and to the cheating wives, we are in favor of the license.

25 thousand supporters on the streets

The Canadian does not like to put a number forward. 10,000 comes from me. In the logic of things, I think France-Margaret Belanger and Geoff Molson would have preferred more. But for the logic of logic we agree 10,000; I am confident that Franకోois Legalt‌ is well aware that he is losing a lot of credibility by enduring 25,000 “criminals” in the streets in front of the Bell Center. He is avoiding his polite people. Everyone knows that the 25,000 fans of Canadians on the street are not criminals. They are not guilty. They are just beautiful, young fans. It is only the authorities who cannot adjust to the new reality.

The Canadian offers him to conduct a large controlled deconfiguration test with security service, masks and customer tracing.

What else does Prime Minister Legalt take to provide information?

Am I serious?

So the Canadian is going to close the lightning in six games. The Tampa players were too tired to stand up against Flannell.

We take advantage of the dullness to congratulate two general managers, Mark Bergevin and Julian Brycebois. Two Quebecs, two francophones in the Stanley Cup final, which deserves to be highlighted. For the ancient people of water carriers, it was a practice. In 1986 and 1989, Serge Saward confronted French-speaking Montreal Cliff Fletcher.

Also, I had hinted in the pages of the journal that CH would win the Stanley Cup. I get an avalanche of emails asking if I’re serious with my assessment.

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Stop, I don’t even remember if I was serious. Worse, though, I have a damn memory. If in doubt, all you have to do is bow less. I only did it in North America!

I have not checked in Europe and Russia … but Bob Hartley would tell me if anyone who chooses Canadian is cabochonous!