May 29, 2022

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As the wind slows, Charles Filibert-Thibaut loses his Olympic qualification

As the wind slows, Charles Filibert-Thibaut loses his Olympic qualification

The fierce wind that swept the track of center Claude-Robillard made it impossible to achieve its goal. Quebec 1,500 m. Finished in first place, but with a deadly time of 3: 40.78, more than 5 seconds above the Olympic standard.

It went well up to three laps and I lost 4 seconds in the last 200 meters, the 30-year-old explained. It was as if the semi-trailer had entered me.

Not all is lost for the athlete from Quebec. He will make his final attempt to score 3:35 or less on the same track at the Montreal Classic on Tuesday night.

In the evening, the wind often drops a little so we can expect better conditions. Three weeks ago I was doing 3:36 and I am not at all in the shape and health I am now. If conditions were good, I would be able to authenticate and I still believe it.

Four feet from a location in Tokyo, the 49th-ranked Philbert-Thibaut could not qualify for the global rankings.

For the women, Julie-Anne Stehley won with a time of 4: 08.83. 5000 m in Tokyo. For her part, Lucia Stafford, 22, failed to meet Olympic standards. The wind also angered her in the final 100 meters, finishing second in the race at 4:09, 61, more than five seconds behind the time limit.

However, Stafford has excellent chances of getting into the games due to its world rankings. She was ranked 35th before the event and will be attended by 45 runners in Tokyo.

I am in good condition, 1500m at the Olympics. Participants are believed to be Gabriela DeBeus-Stafford sister. Fingers crossed. The decision to send me to Tokyo is now up to Athletics Canada. I hope they choose me.

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First Olympic experience for Jungo Lovett

Later Withdrawal of Olympic champion Derek Droin A few days ago, the Canadian highjump could comfort himself. For the first time in his career, Jungo Lovett set an Olympic standard of 2.33m. The gift, a week away from his 29th birthday, gave him great pleasure.

I’m looking forward to this moment for a long time, even though I’ve seen it in my head so many times, it’s surreal, Lovett said. This progress comes at a crucial time and shows that I am ready and the stars are aligned.

Django Lovett

Photo: Bernard Bralt / Athletics Canada / Bernard Bralt / Athletics Canada

Lovett seems to be responding well to the pressure, he achieved the 2.30m individual mark at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and won a bronze medal for himself.

Michael Mason (2, 29m) finished second for his role, but his place in Tokyo has already been secured.

Meanwhile, the mixed 4x400m relay, which is set to enter the Olympics this month, will be hosted by Philip Ozzy, Alicia Brown, Micha Powell and Nathan George. Their time is 3: 17.31 just 2 seconds from one of the 16 countries heading to Japan. The quartet will resume on Tuesday.

In the women’s discus throw, 7 m from the Olympic standard. Trinity Tuti won with a throw of 56.72 meters.

On the men’s side, Jordan Young won without qualifying for the Olympics. The 63.38m effort leaves him almost 3m away from the expected target.