March 1, 2024

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The woman puts garlic cloves in the nostrils to clear the nose

The woman puts garlic cloves in the nostrils to clear the nose

Home remedies can really help cure many of your health problems, but this woman’s hawk for cleaning sinuses has gone viral for all “unpleasant” reasons. A woman named Rosalyn Catherine, who shared this hack in the TickTalk video, put a clove of garlic in each of her nostrils to see if it really helps clear the sinuses. Rosalyn was inspired to try this wiki after seeing it in another viral video.

The TicTac video, which now has over 4.3 million views in a mini-video sharing app, begins with Rosalyn inserting garlic cloves into her nostrils. She waited 10-15 minutes before finally removing them for the moment of truth.

The woman was shocked when she blew her unbroken nose and mentioned that the hawk really works.

To talk Mirror, Rosalyn said she did not believe at first that this thing was going to work, so she filmed it as a joke. However, 10 minutes after putting the cloves in her nostrils, she realized that her nose had started to run and pulled out the garlic. She felt like her sinuses were gone as “tons” of boogers started coming out.

Rosalyn said she had a very mild experience and that the garlic did not burn, hurt or smell after the procedure.

Responding to the video, many users shared their reaction to this hack. While some users wrote that they were going to try this hack to get out of their sinus problems, others were broken at the visuals of his runny nose. One of the customers wrote that he was a eater and the visuals wanted to throw him up.

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