July 5, 2022

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Euro: Belgium dragged on

Euro: Belgium dragged on

There will be a new champion in the Euros as Belgium beat Portugal 1-0 in a match in Seville.

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In 42 the Belgians took the leadE A goal from Thorgan Hazard who defeated Rui Patricio with a powerful strike into the upper window.

The Portuguese still dominated this first half, and in the rest of the match, Belgium scored just 6 runs with 24 shots on goal in their only shot.

The Portuguese tried their best to beat Thibaut Courtois, but were unsuccessful, with Rafael Guerrero hitting the post with less than ten minutes to play.

The game will cost the Red Devils a lot as both Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard have been injured. The Belgians need them in the quarter-finals against Italy.


The Belgians showed opportunism by scoring their only chance at the conference.

“In a game like this, you have to hold the odds with both hands. Goalkeeper I thought I would shoot in the other corner, so the ball came, ”said match scorer Thorgan Hazard only.

Thomas Vermeulen still agreed that he and his colleagues worked well under the circumstances.

“In the first half, we put pressure on Portugal, but if we look at the second half, we’re lucky to win.”

And on the Portuguese side, we couldn’t believe it to drop a match we dominated.

“We created more chances than Belgium, leaving midfielder Joao Palhinha. In the first half, we dominated the game and I don’t remember another chance to score other than their goal.”

Czech surprise

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In another meeting at the event, the Czech Republic came out on top, beating the Netherlands 2-0 in Budapest.

The Dutch hurt themselves when it fell to 55 to ten playersE Minute.

First fined a yellow card, Mathiez de Ligt received a red after a video review for putting his hand on the ball while trying to stop Czech striker Patrick Schick.

Matiz de Ligt

Photo AFP

Matiz de Ligt

“After the red, we had trouble putting pressure on them and they got harder,” Georginio Vignoldum agreed.

Tomas Holes, led by a header in the 68th minute, then joined Patrick Schick, who scored the fourth goal of the tournament in the 80th minute.

The Czech Republic will face other surprise winners Denmark in the quarterfinals.


Favorites, the Dutch could not find a solution to the Czech puzzle. “The whole game was hard for us,” Wignoldum admitted. We could not bear the pressure they put on us. We created some possibilities in the first part, but it was not enough. “

Red Card author Mathiz de Ligt believes everything is fine so far.

“I had control of the game. We had some chances, especially in the first half. I don’t think they created a lot of chances, but the red card clearly changed the game.”

Dutch manager Frank de Boer is a little optimistic that he has a good game on his side before falling into a numerical deficit.

“They’re tough opponents, but I think the good before the red. We dominated the game.”

But the Netherlands only blame themselves for the chances to score, but do not take advantage of them, especially Donial Malone ten minutes before the red.

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The hero of the day

Eden Hazard

His name is not on the score sheet, but he played an excellent game for Belgium, causing all sorts of problems in midfield to thwart the Portuguese arguments. He is the best player on his team in this game.