July 5, 2022

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Find the Honda Civic hatchback

Find the Honda Civic hatchback

11 Almost two months after the unveilingE The generation of the Civic in the form of a sedan, now turning the light on it for its first appearance is the turn of the Civic hatchback.

Charles Rene

Charles Rene

Especially appreciated for its practicality, this is where the 10 variant liesE Generation left, without standing in terms of performance. Thus, its elusive rear roof, like the German “Sportback” sedans, adds a touch of dynamism to the rendering. In support of this, the rear overhang is slightly narrower (124mm) compared to the Honda sedan, giving the compact a more compact look.

The body is wrapped around a brand new frame, which gives it 19% more resistance to bending. The manufacturer claims that the adjustment of the steering and suspension was developed in Europe to ensure better driving pleasure. Like the sedan, Honda has prioritized its overall refinement to reduce noise and vibration and by using more adhesives in its assembly and better sound insulation.

Photo provided by Honda

The width of the cargo space opening of the 2022 Honda Civic hatchback has been slightly increased (40mm) to promote better access.

Copy and paste under the hood … or almost

Relying solely on the choice of turbocharged mechanics to ensure its slightly more dynamic positioning than the previous vintage, the Civic hatchback 2022 uses the same engines as the four-door version.

The Weather 2.0 is offered as an entry for the L4-cylinder LX version with 158hp reserve. The turbocharged four-cylinder 1.5L, which produces 180 hp, is eligible for the Sport and Sport Touring libraries. Both engines are guided by a special CVT or six-speed manual gearbox for this hatchback version.

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Also, technically, this Civic hatchback will be developed similarly to the sedan. Partially or part of a digital instrumentation portrait, as well as a fully modified multimedia system with a 7 “or 9” screen depending on the version. The optional Bose system seeks to increase sound quality.

The Honda Civic hatchback is expected to go on sale later this year.