May 22, 2022

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Second dose | Click Santa allows the exchange of vaccines

Experts argue that the exchange of vaccines is "safe"

From Tuesday morning, you can choose to carry your appointment forward by getting a different vaccine than you received in the first dose on the ClickSante platform.

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

“A function to change the location of the appointment to receive his second dose will also be available from June 29.

To date, the platform has only offered the possibility of receiving a second dose at the same selected vaccine site during the administration of the first dose.

Regardless of the vaccine used for the first dose, it is also possible to go to a walk-in clinic and receive a modern vaccine. Many clinics also offer estrogen and Pfizer vaccines on a walk-in basis.

Keep in mind that both the Modern and Pfizer vaccines are messenger RNA vaccines, and therefore “have similar function and composition”.

Those who decide to choose two different vaccines should respect the 8-week interval between the two doses.

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