May 24, 2022

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The Boulevard des Recollets was closed Sunday due to flooding

The Boulevard des Recollets was closed Sunday due to flooding

Extensive flooding occurred on the road under the precipitation Highway 40 overpass, which often occurs on heavy rainy days.

A sidewalk is provided for motorists. The city suggests taking Rue Bellefull‌ to reach your destination.

In addition, the Minister des Transport du Quebec (MTQ), whose premises are located near the floodplain, has also closed the Boulevard des Recollets, the highway exits on the east and west sides.

Recurring problem

This is not the first time such a situation has arisen. During the passage Explosion at the beginning of the month, The Boulevard des Recolles also had to close when the water receded. When a scene like this Hurricane Isaias in the summer of 2020.

This is worrying, La Verendrie District Municipal Councilor, initiated by Danny Carpentier. Trois-Riviers said the city was aware of the situation and was working for a solution.

As of this year, there is an upgrade of the pumping station at Carrefour Trois-Riviers-Oyster, there are plans to make sure the water turns more towards the river and further up the Milette River, closer to the Rocolates coast… the city is aware of these issues. Investments that are there for the year, there is no year that is not prioritized, there is no budget study, there is no priority, Boulevard des Recollets is not the only trouble spot, the adviser added.

When you have anxiety, you need to translate it into budget commitments. Now, are there enough of them? I, personally, make sure it exists and that it must thrive, He continues.

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Danny Carpentier recalls that the three rivers meet near the artery, the Millet, the Beat, and the Lazart.