June 28, 2022

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The ensemble seeks the resignation of Montreal Sue Montgomery

The ensemble seeks the resignation of Montreal Sue Montgomery

Ms. Montgomery was convicted of 11 moral violations in a mental harassment case Her party was excluded from the caucus.

Arbitrary deletion, comments Bizarre, insulting, harassing or intimidating, Errors: Mme Montgomery Harmonious, healthy and non-harassing work environment is not treated in a way that promotes maintenance […], Suggested CMQ Sent to the mayor of the borough in his meeting notice.

The sanction to be imposed will be known next week. According to the ensemble Montreal, the commission seeking Ms Montgomery’s departure does not have to wait for the decision of the municipality du Quebec.

To say Note the convictionOpposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

Mrs. Montgomery should resign her post. Judgment [rendu par la CMQ] Removes from her any moral authority that allows her to perform her duties as mayor of the borough, Said Lionel Perez, Montreal Parliamentary Leader of the Ensemble on Monday.

The city councilor for Darlington district sees 11 ethical violations as evidence Responsibility In this affair Mrs. Montgomery, she ruled Toxic work environment marked by harassment In his team.

Mr Perez denies that the stalemate between Montgomery and Montreal Valerie Plante’s Meyers has so far cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. With legal fees for Montreals.

C కోట్te d’Ivoire – The reputation of Notre Dame-de-Greece has been tarnished by two years of fighting between Mrs. Montgomery and the Project Montreal administration, and the imminent sanctions on July 6 are an endless story.

A quote from:Lionel Perez, collective Montreal parliamentary leader

On Monday afternoon, the main interested party said Disappointed, but not surprising The departure of Lionel Perez, who C కోట్te d’Ivoire – the town hall of Notre-Dame-de-Greece.

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The Timing This statement is interesting to say the least, She responded, provoking the looming municipal elections on the horizon.

Recall that there is a Quebec Superior Court Decided in favor of this in December 2020 Among the controversial issues against him for the city of Montreal, Sue Montgomery has denied Mr Perez allegations.

As a woman, I always speak out to condemn injustice. I have always worked for the benefit of the residents of C కోట్te d’Ivoire – Notre-Dame-de-Greece. It was at the heart of my political engagement.

To understand the origin of this saga, we need to go back to January 2020. C -te d’Ivoire – At the end of a survey on the working environment in the borough of Notre-Dame-de-Greece – the following reports, which were launched in September of the previous year – concluded that the City Comptroller General Major violations.

The investigation revealed that two employees were subjected to psychological harassment, including borough director Stefan Plante.

After seeing the report, Mayor Plante’s office asked Ms Montgomery to show the doors to her Chief of Staff, Annalisa Harris, arguing that she was responsible for the toxic working environment. The chosen one refused to do what she could, judging that she needed to Evidence.

According to Mrs. Montgomery, this removal request was not part of the recommendations made by the Comptroller General; It came directly from Valerie Plante’s office.

Instead Annalisa Harris argues that she is She is a victim of psychological abuse From Stefan Plante (not affiliated with Montreal Myers).

Defamation lawsuits

Earlier this month, it was announced that both Annalisa Harris and her former boss would be taking their cases to court.

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Former Director of Montgomery’s Cabinet Montreal City, Comptroller General Alain Bond and Mayor Plante are called. 6 186,125 for causing damage to his reputation.

Myers of C కోట్te d’Ivoire – Notre Dame-de-Greece hopes to get its share In compensation, 000 120,000 For Defamatory comments In it she stated that she was a victim.