June 28, 2022

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Trump returns | The Journal of Montreal

Trump returns |  The Journal of Montreal

The 2024 election campaign has officially launched. Whether you have enough of Donald Trump, he is back in politics.

Saturday in Ohio, It attracted thousands of people at the first major partisan rally. Tomorrow is the next day, he will visit the Texas border. A new rally will be held in Florida on July 3.

Trump’s proposals are simple: make China pay $ 10 trillion for the damage caused by COVID-19; Increase tariffs against China to 100%; Stand against wokisme And the complex theories of race; Close borders to illegal immigration.

Trump has the knack of capturing complex issues as tough slogans.

As always, Trump is on the right track, but his solutions are worse than the problems that need to be solved.

The Trump world is more mannequin than ever. Republicans are good; Democrats are miserable.

“Joe Biden is destroying our country before our eyes,” he exclaimed. And to add: “In 2024, we will not even have a country”.

Trump’s exaggerations could be laughed at if not religiously repeated by tens of millions of supporters.

Eliminate oppositions

The first step in Trump’s new campaign is to eliminate all forms of opposition within the Republican Party. After landing Liz Cheney, who was third in the party and opposed him, Trump will go along with the 10 Republicans who voted in favor of his second impeachment trial.

In Ohio, the campaign targeted Anthony Gonzalez. At a rally on Saturday, Trump officially endorsed his party’s rival, Max Miller. This election has already given Miller a 9-point lead among Republicans.

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The Republican Party under the Trump boot will become a bigoted party. At present nothing is capable of stopping this transition.

However, the Republican Party could win a majority of seats in the House of Representatives in the 2022 election, putting Democrats at a disadvantage as new electoral laws are passed in Republican-controlled states.

Democrats are also in danger of losing their majority in the Senate, although predictions about the outcome of this election are even more uncertain, with a large number of senators leaving politics and replacing new ones.


Thus Joe Biden can primarily find himself in front of the Republican Congress, which denies any cooperation and affirms American society more than ever before in the eyes of the racist Republican elected officials.

This possibility of paralysis and the return of the Trumpists will weaken the confidence of the Allies in America.

If Biden is to continue his foreign policy, he must surely find a way in the coming months to neutralize Trump politically.