May 18, 2022

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Canceled tours: 35,000 Cubackers compensated by FICAV

Canceled tours: 35,000 Cubackers compensated by FICAV

After 16 long months of waiting, Quebec finally wakes up and begins to repay the Quebecs who had to cancel the trip due to the epidemic.

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The Office of Consumer Protection (OPC) on Tuesday announced that the Compensation Fund for Travel Agents (FICAV) will pay compensation in September to more than 35,000 passengers. “The process should continue until December,” the OPC said.

Sunwing, trigger

The June 25 agreement between Ottawa and Sunwing prompted FICAV to report to the OPC and move to Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett.

“The agreement reached with Sunwing last Friday will allow us to move forward,” Justice Jolin-Barrett told the Office.

The liberal opposition can win, because Deputy Liz Theriolt condemned the inaction of the FICAV for a good fortnight.

“Finally! It’s time! The world has been waiting a long time. The government had to announce something. They did well! Now, I’m alert that the Quebeckers will receive all their money,” said the woman who held the Department of Consumer Protection when she was in power.

Ongoing career

OPC is the subject of a request for authority to class action in this case. Lawyer Eric Perrier filed the lawsuit in court last December because “FICAV has been silent for 8 months”.

The court was asked to drop the case after the compensation fund for customers of travel agents. At 3:02 p.m., Tuesday, the judge denied FICAV’s request. At 3:16 p.m., the Office de la Protection du Consometor released its press release, which eventually reimbursed 35,000 passengers.

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“It does not end our demand for collective action. In addition to the reimbursement, interest is claimed because the reimbursement will be paid a few days after the request.