May 20, 2022

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Fees and English in the Electronic Health Passport menu

Fees and English in the Electronic Health Passport menu

The pilot project initiated by Byron Group Santo and Air France to provide electronic health passports to travelers is not unanimous. One family recently tested this service. The carrier’s responses are in English as instructions for installing the application.

Recently, the Quebec company Byron and Air France announced a partnership to test IATA travel pass application at the Montreal-Trudeau airport for relations between Montreal and Paris. In order to have access to this passport, it is necessary to obtain the code from the carrier.

The purpose of this service is to allow travelers to “check entry conditions imposed by countries” and to receive and record their COVID-19 test results “from a laboratory”. Byron is responsible for conducting and transmitting the test.

A couple with children, who like to hide their identities to avoid retaliation, tried to experiment, hoping to make their life easier. The effect was the opposite and they failed to complete the process. They will travel to Paris next weekend.

Result: The process of sending Air France via email is in Shakespeare language only, there are steps during the installation of the IATA Travel Pass application. The family was also unable to book a time slot with Byron to conduct their PCR tests at Montreal-Trudeau airport a few hours before their flight.

“When I got the first email, it was addressed to me when the three of us left. Generally, every person should have an email so they can register. […] Since then, all Air France communications with me have been in English, ”the mother laments, supporting the email exchange.

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The latter said it was surprising to have to pay between $ 150 and $ 2999 per test in Byron. Last week, in a press release, Air France stated the opposite: “This experiment is offered to customers free and on a voluntary basis”.

For its part, Air France confirms that it has “the utmost importance to pay respect to the French”. The company said it offers its services in French and English according to passenger preferences.

For the application, the carrier ensures that the interface is only available in English. Other language versions will be considered.

On Monday, Byron, for his part, admitted that it would be difficult to get an appointment for a quick screening at the airport. The company said it plans to increase its capacity in the coming weeks.

“We are talking about a gradual resumption of travel and we know that unnecessary travel will no longer be the same,” spokeswoman Annie Gautir said.

“At this stage, it is very difficult to grant last minute appointments and even the pilot’s announcement last Wednesday had the effect of further increasing the demand,” she continues.

The pilot project is scheduled for July 15.

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