May 18, 2022

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Link 3: Catherine Dorian says we are in the Elvis Gratton Register

Link 3: Catherine Dorian says we are in the Elvis Gratton Register

The longest motorway tunnel in North America, the deepest station in Canada: potential records of hitting the tunnel between Quebec and Lewis until it becomes a caricature are attached, says assistant Catherine Dorian.

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“We’re on Elvis Gratton’s register, his” Think Big, Sty! With, he immediately begins Capital-National, referring to the famous joke from the cult film Pierre Flarndo, released in 1985.

Although “Quebec really deserves infrastructure investment”, she said she was concerned about “one-upmanship” in the construction of 3.E Link, especially in the absence of feasible studies.

“We’re still talking about the city of Lewis, we’re not talking about the relationship between the two world metropolises,” she said.

Our Bureau of Investigation revealed on Monday that the Quebec-Lewis tunnel could force public transport users to board a bus to a record depth of 80 meters from the Parliament Hill sector, setting a new record in the country.

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The structure would be the 8.3-kilometer-long road tunnel in North America, more than twice the current record holder in Alaska.

Faced with this new information, the Liberal Party Quebec spokesman on transport matters, Enrico Sikkon, reiterated his request to the government to let the project office director of 3 be heard.E Link in Parliamentary Committee.

“How deep did we get under Parliament Hill?” We are announcing a mega project, but we have no studies, no response, ”he lamented.

According to party Cubacos, the Legalt government is “putting Quebec in a quandary”.

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“The use of the Third Link project is questionable, its bill is absolutely insane and in the opinion of the engineer responsible for compiling a report about the project its feasibility is questionable,” Deputy Joel Arseno was quoted as saying.

According to Bruno Masocyte, an engineer cited by our Bureau of Investigation, there are 3 obstacles.E The link “is not insurmountable, [mais] It will cost a lot more ”.

A full-time professor in the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnic de Montreal conducted a feasibility study on a tunnel in 2016 on behalf of the Coillard government.